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Camp Chef ProMax16 Bundle

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Camp Chef ProX16 Bundle

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Camp Chef Tahoe 3-Burner Bundle


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Advantages of Cast Iron Cookware

If people have been using cast iron cookware for hundreds of years, there must be a reason behind it, right? Actually, there are several. Cast iron has proven itself over and over again as reliable, versatile, and durable cookware. So if you’re considering making the switch to cast iron, here’s what you should consider.


Cast iron is extremely durable. It will last a lifetime if treated correctly—and in some cases, even longer than that. In some families, cast iron cookware is passed down from one generation to the next as a functional family heirloom.

The reason cast iron lasts so long is because iron itself is a very tough material. On top of that, cast iron is one of the few types of cookware that actually improves over time. Instead of wearing down, cast iron builds up a seasoning over the years that makes your cooking experience easier and easier. You won’t find that from any of your aluminum pots and pans.

Natural Non-stick Surface

While your cast iron skillet might not ever be as non-stick as a synthetic coating, it has the advantage of being all-natural. It’s nothing but polymerized oil that prevents food from sticking to the iron. This means you don’t have to depend on unfamiliar chemicals or dump a lot of oil into the pan when you want to cook food that would normally stick. In other words, you get to cook (and eat) healthier!

High Heat

When it comes to getting hot—like, really hot—nothing does it better than cast iron. The heavy iron has a very high heat capacity, meaning it takes a lot of energy to heat it up. Once a cast iron pan is heated to a given temperature, it has significantly more energy stored than, say, an aluminum pan. That’s what makes it awesome for searing food. The iron can hold up to higher heats without warping, and it will maintain a steady temperature for far longer than any other material.

Easy Maintenance

While some would tell you that cast iron maintenance is one of its disadvantages, it can actually be quite easy (and, therefore, an advantage) once you learn how to do it properly. A well-seasoned cast iron skillet doesn’t need to be seasoned with every use. In fact, with light, daily cooking, you may only need to rinse it, wipe it clean, and let it dry. For more information on how to take good care of your cast iron, check out our article here.


With a single piece of cast iron cookware, you can sauté, sear, simmer, and even bake. If you want to minimize the number of pots and pans you need in your kitchen, cast iron is a must. You can do almost everything with a good skillet. Likewise, Dutch ovens can be just as useful for different meals. This versatility makes cast iron a fantastic addition to any home kitchen, and an absolute must for outdoor cooking.

If you're convinced that cast iron cookware is the way to go for your indoor and outdoor cooking, you won't find a better variety than what we have here. Check out our cast iron collection for skillets, Dutch ovens, fire irons, bakeware, and more.

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