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Camp Chef SmokePro LUX 36 Pellet Grill - Bronze


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Camp Chef SmokePro LUX 36 Pellet Grill - Black


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Pellet Grill Meat Probe

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Holiday Prime Rib Recipe

Prime Rib for the HolidaysFor a hearty, decadent holiday meal, you’ll want to try this recipe for smoked prime rib. With a SmokePro pellet grill from Camp Chef, cooking an expensive cut like prime rib is simple, and you’re almost guaranteed incredible results. Just imagine that tender, juicy meat waiting for you on Christmas. Ready to get started?

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10 lb. prime rib (bone out) Ground pepper Kosher salt Garlic powder


Pat the meat dry with a paper towel, and wrap it with butcher’s twine if it isn’t already. You can usually ask your local butcher to do this for you as well.

Season all sides of the prime rib with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Wrap in foil or plastic wrap and let sit in refrigerator for 10-12 hours or overnight.

Set out the meat when you’re ready to cook, and let it come to room temperature for 1-2 hours. For the last 15 minutes of that time, preheat your pellet grill or smoker (or oven) to Hi-Smoke or 225° F.

Unwrap the prime rib. Then insert the temperature probe into the thickest part of the meat, so you can get an accurate internal temp reading.

Let meat cook in the grill until the internal temperature gets to 110° F, then turn the grill up to 400° F and finish cooking up to the internal temp of 125° F.

Once the prime rib reaches this temperature, remove it from heat and wrap it in foil to rest 15-20 minutes. Be sure that the bottom strip of foil forms a container around the bottom of the prime rib to catch all the renderings.

After resting, pour the juices from the foil into a bowl or cup. Use them for au jus or just drizzle them back over each slice of meat. Serve and enjoy!

How to Save Oven Space on Thanksgiving

When Thanksgiving week rolls around, oven space becomes a precious commodity. There’s never enough room, it seems, for that one last side dish or a tray of dinner rolls. Getting everything roasted and baked on time for the feast is like coordinating a complicated dance routine—if one dish gets out of step, it holds up everything else.

So if you’re worried about fitting all the food in your oven this holiday, we have some good news: You don’t have to. We have three ways for you to save on oven space this Thanksgiving. Read on to find out more.

Baking in the Smoke Vault 1. Cooler A more accurate word for a cooler might be an insulator. Whether you’re trying to keep things cold or hot, a cooler will maintain that temperature for a long time. A large cooler could be the perfect place to store your turkey after you’re finished smoking it, or even your pies as you wait for dessert. Either way, you won’t need to use your oven to keep things warm, and you’ll have plenty of more space to cook that last-minute green bean casserole.


2. Smoke Vault That’s right—a Camp Chef Smoke Vault can do more than just smoke meat or cook jerky. It actually works quite well as an outdoor oven. The design of the vault is such that the hot air inside of it will circulate, cooking your food convection-style rather than with direct heat. That’s just like your oven at home. Depending on the outside weather, you could use your Smoke Vault to keep your side dishes warm or even bake a pie.

But you don’t want your pies and breads to taste smoky. If you take some time to clean out any drippings on the bottom or sides of the vault, and If you remove the water tray and pellet tray, there won’t be any smoke during the cooking process. 3. SmokePro Pellet Grill If you’re looking for the best way to save oven space this holiday season, a SmokePro Pellet Grill is your answer. Camp Chef’s digital temperature control system makes it so you can set your heat and let it be, just like your kitchen oven. There’s no babysitting or adjusting required—just baking.

When you set your pellet grill to a higher temperature for baking, such as 350° F, your grill won’t produce very much smoke. Additionally, if you use Premium Hardwood Pellet flavors like Apple and Cherry, you won’t taste a harsh, smoky flavor either. In fact, the burning wood will complement your baked goods.

Are you ready to celebrate Thanksgiving instead of stress about it? Try out one of our three space-saving plans above, and let us know how it goes.

Two turkeys on a SmokePro pellet grill

2016 Gear Guide: Home & Patio

It is time to make your back patio your go-to outdoor space. With fifteen different items to elevate your outdoor experience, you can truly make it your own. With items ranging from cooking, organization & seating, to entertainment, you will easily be able to entertain a few to a few dozen with ease.

Camp Chef Smoked Buffalo Wings

When you have friends and family over, you want to make sure you have finger food that will keep everyone busy and happy. Particularly their stomachs. That way you have a chance to finish up the main course. This recipe from the folks at Camp Chef is an amazing finger food, or, if you want, main dish.

Exclusive Camp Chef Stainless Steel Pellet Grill & Smoker

There are times when something truly amazing comes by and it is at those times, you just can't pass up talking about it. This is one of those times. Exclusive to, we have the Camp Chef Pellet Grill & Smoker Deluxe.

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