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Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator

Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator

MODEL #: 23000

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Jetboil Joule Cooking System

Jetboil Joule Cooking System


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iDevices iGrill Mini Bluetooth Thermometer
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iDevices iGrill Mini Bluetooth Thermometer

MODEL #: IGR0001

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Tailgate Tips & Tricks

Does your perfect weekend consist of football, greasy food, cold drinks, and thousands of screaming fans?  Then, we've got a few tailgate tips to make your concrete, parking lot dreams a reality.


Depending on when kick off is, you'll want to prep food the night before. Ziplock bags and Tupperware are two resourceful items to help to keep food fresh. But, most importantly, don't stress yourself out planning a gourmet meal. Keep it simple. Attendees expect the typical brats/hotdogs, burgers, chips, and potato salad. Everything else is just an added tasty bonus!


If possible, pre-freeze your coolers the night before. This will extend your cooler's temperature control ability. We also recommend freezing a few water bottles. This will help keep food and drinks cool, while keeping the party hydrated.  Their dual purpose is great for trying to save on space. Check out these tips and tricks on How To Pack A Cooler.


No tailgate is complete without a few lawn (tailgate) games. Be sure to pick up a set of corn hole/bag toss, a deck of cards, ladder golf, etc. Crank it up a notch and set the tone with wireless bluetooth speakers. Don't forget to pre-charge your speakers and music devices the night before. You might even consider bringing an extra charge just in case!


Having reliable products at your tailgater will not only remove stress, but it'll make it that much tastier. Here's a quick run down of our tailgate favorites:




In the midst of the crazy party planning, you're bound to forget a thing or two. Don't forget the bug spray, sun screen, trash bags, trash bin, hand sanitizer, canopy, cups, condiments, utensils, napkins, and paper towel.


Do you have any tailgate party/pre-game tips and tricks? Let us know in the comment section below.


The Motherload - A Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching we want to make shopping for mom a breeze.  Introducing: The Motherload, a complete guide to purchasing the outdoor cooking items she really wants. Browse products for all budgets. If your mom is a walking, talking, cooking machine take into consideration our favorite Mother’s Day items this season. Handmade cards not included, but highly suggested for the “Awe” factor.

OUTDOOR COOKING GUIDE, CAMP CHEF, $9.99 Treat your mom to over 100 lip-smacking recipes. Author Marla Rawlings has an impressive background in outdoor cooking publications like The Beginner’s Guide to Dutch Ovens and Favorite Utah Pioneer Recipes.  Rawlings shares insiders tips and award winning recipes in her book, Outdoor Cooking Guide. Give the gift that will come full circle. 

WHIRLEY POP, WABASH VALLEY FARMS, $24.99 Any movie loving, butter craving, snack addicted mamas out there? This is the perfect all-in-one popcorn gift. Enjoy an authentic movie theater popcorn taste on your own stove.  Its all-inclusive packaging makes it easy to take camping with the family or cozy up for a movie night in. Wabash Valley Farms takes pride in their special Popping Oil and Secret Buttery Salt. Get this beautiful barn red pot and popcorn popping kit for the snack master in your life. 

14” CAST IRON SKILLET, CAMP CHEF, $27.99 If your mom doesn’t have cast iron in her kitchen, drop everything and buy this. Cast iron is the most practical cooking accessory on the market.  It can last a lifetime and works great cooking at high temperatures. Cook with ease at camp or in the kitchen.  Don’t be afraid to give her inspiration—we’ve seen everything from fluffy cinnamon rolls to a gooey Cheesy Reuben Pull Apart Bread.

PROFESSIONAL ALL-PURPOSE CANNING POT, CAMP CHEF, $47.00 Is your mom a canning queen? Chances are she needs a canning pot that offers more space. This aluminum canning pot holds 35-quarts—optimal for large quantity canning. Try utilizing the storage space within the pot by fitting nine, one-quart jars inside.  Don’t let the name fool you—the canning pot is great for cooking soup, corn, chili, seafood boils, and more. Let your cooking creations run wild!  

SEQUOIA FIRE PIT, CAMP CHEF, $99.99 It's not uncommon for moms to love the great outdoors but hate being cold. This portable fire pit travels easy and will be sure to keep the whole family toasty. Gone are the days of carrying bulky, heavy wood back to camp. The Sequoia hooks right up to your tank for a quick heat time—minus the mess. Score two roasting sticks and a carry case. Propane tank and s’mores ingredients not included!  

EXPLORER DOUBLE BURNER STOVE, CAMP CHEF, $99.99 The Explorer series was made for the adventure seeker who doesn’t want to compromise on taste. If your mother loves to be outdoors then the ever so versatile Doubler Burner Stove is perfect.  Expand the menu when tailgating or camping. She will love to mix and match other 14-inch Camp Chef products for a more extensive outdoor cooking experience. 

6-FOOT PICNIC TABLE, LIFETIME, $249.99 Some of the most cherished memories are created around the dinner table.  Give the gift of expanding your outdoor living space by adding a Lifetime Picnic Table to your backyard or patio.  Moms will love being able to spend more time with the family outside. You might even gain extra brownie points for Lifetime’s UV-protected high density durable polyethylene coat. Lifetime tables are low maintenance, easy to clean, and provide a flat storage option. 

COOLER 50, CAMP CHEF, $249.99 Has your family recently found themselves in need of a new cooler? Camp Chef produces some of the best coolers on the market, without the ridiculous price tag. Easily bring to the beach, campsite, or neighborhood cookout. Your ice stays ice for days—ideal for long overnight excursions. Every mom deserves an exceptional cooler, give her 50 extra liters of temperature controlled outdoor cooking storage.

MONTEREY PROPANE FIRE PIT, CAMP CHEF, $349.99 Mom will love adding a unique centerpiece to the family outdoor living space. The sleek design of the Monterey Propane Fire Pit will quickly become the focal point of the patio. Easily go from coffee table to s’more worthy flames in seconds with this elegant fire pit.

WOODWIND PELLET GRILL, CAMP CHEF, $699.99 Give the gift of grilling. The Woodwind Pellet Grill can do it all—smoke, braise, bake, and barbecue—the possibilities are endless. Mom can get creative by infusing her food with delicious hardwood pellet flavors like hickory and oak. Easily cook an entire meal on the Woodwind and clean up just as fast with Camp Chef’s patented Ash Kickin' Cleanout System.

Which product is your mom getting this Mother’s Day? Let us know in the comment section below!

2016 Gear Guide: Home & Patio

It is time to make your back patio your go-to outdoor space. With fifteen different items to elevate your outdoor experience, you can truly make it your own. With items ranging from cooking, organization & seating, to entertainment, you will easily be able to entertain a few to a few dozen with ease.

3 Item(s)