Tailgate Tips & Tricks

Does your perfect weekend consist of football, greasy food, cold drinks, and thousands of screaming fans?  Then, we’ve got a few tailgate tips to make your concrete, parking lot dreams a reality.


Depending on when kick off is, you’ll want to prep food the night before. Ziplock bags and Tupperware are two resourceful items to help to keep food fresh. But, most importantly, don’t stress yourself out planning a gourmet meal. Keep it simple. Attendees expect the typical brats/hotdogs, burgers, chips, and potato salad. Everything else is just an added tasty bonus!


If possible, pre-freeze your coolers the night before. This will extend your cooler’s temperature control ability. We also recommend freezing a few water bottles. This will help keep food and drinks cool, while keeping the party hydrated.  Their dual purpose is great for trying to save on space. Check out these tips and tricks on How To Pack A Cooler.


No tailgate is complete without a few lawn (tailgate) games. Be sure to pick up a set of corn hole/bag toss, a deck of cards, ladder golf, etc. Crank it up a notch and set the tone with wireless Bluetooth speakers. Don’t forget to pre-charge your speakers and music devices the night before. You might even consider bringing an extra charge just in case!


Having reliable products at your tailgater will not only remove stress, but it’ll make it that much tastier. Here’s a quick rundown of our tailgate favorites:




In the midst of the crazy party planning, you’re bound to forget a thing or two. Don’t forget the bug spray, sun screen, trash bags, trash bin, hand sanitizer, canopy, cups, condiments, utensils, napkins, and paper towel.


Do you have any tailgate party/pre-game tips and tricks? Let us know in the comment section below.