Pellet Grills vs. Gas Grills

It’s grilling season and you’re in the midst of purchasing the latest and greatest in outdoor cooking supplies. First and foremost—deciding what grill works best for your cooking style. Grills are a rather large investment and warrant a fair amount of research before diving into the buy. Outdoor grilling is no longer solely limited to burgers and brats but rather offer a variety of cooking options to widen the types of food you can cook. When deciding between the two you can expect to find differences in flavor, price, versatility, and selection.



Flavor is hands down the most crucial differentiating factor when comparing pellet and gas grills. Pellet grills are notorious for using fuel that infuses your food with a variety of hardwood smoky aromas. Brands like Camp Chef sell Premium Hardwood Pellets in flavors like hickory, Southwest mesquite, oak, alder, cherry, and more. These pure hardwood pellets offer no additives or byproducts. Hardwood pellets are great for cooking a variety of food like meats, seafood, veggies, and bakery options. Gas grills simply do not deliver the same flavor diversity that pellet grills or even charcoal grills offer. They are fueled by flavorless propane or natural gas that produces flat food.


How much money are you willing you cough up for an exceptional grill? As expected, gas grills are overall significantly cheaper than pellet grills. Like any consumer-able product, you get what you pay for. A good gas grill can get expensive when considering the brand, size, and other added bells and whistles.  Believe it or not, technology has made its way into the grilling world. They’ve adopted automated digital controllers, high tech sensors, and some even equipped with WI-FI or Bluetooth capabilities. A simple gas grill can sell for as little as $75, whereas a pellet grill will typically start around $400. 



A pellet grill is one of the most versatile outdoor cooking options. Consumers are roasting, smoking, barbecuing, braising, baking, and more. Similar to gas grills, pellet grill enthusiasts also have accessory options of cooking on cast iron grates and adding a gas grill-like sear box to their pellet-fueled grill. While pellet grills come in a variety of sizes, your retailer will likely have accessories for purchase that add extra shelving and prep space. Some models of pellet grills allow for a seamless switch between cooking with a direct or indirect flame. In terms of temperature, gas grills reach a higher temperature. Most gas grills have a temperature range of 250°F – 700°F. Conversely, pellet grills are exceptional at low-temperature cooking containing heat ranges from 160°F – 500°F.


When you think of your normal everyday grill, you don’t typically reference a pellet grill top of mind. Overall they aren’t as well known as gas grills. Therefore, you can expect to find a better gas grill selection in store. Gas grills essentially provide unlimited options when referencing size, finish, and price. But, over the years pellet smokers have been gaining in popularity among grilling enthusiasts and the general public alike. While there are a ton of exceptional performing gas grills on the market, there aren’t a plethora of high-quality pellet grills. Be choosy and stick with a well-represented pellet brand. Check out our recommended Wood Pellet and Propane Gas Grill selections. 

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2 thoughts on “Pellet Grills vs. Gas Grills”

  1. I’ve had four Weber grills during my 47 years of marriage, and worn them all out, buying a bigger an more expense grill each time. We cook outdoors all year round, even 20-pound turkeys at Thanksgiving.
    I’ve been looking at pellet grills for sometime, so when my 36″ Weber Stainless Steel Summit died on me this spring, I decised to buy a pellet grill from Outdoor Cooking becasue of the features and my experience with the PRO 90 camp stove.
    I’m looking forward to years of great cooking adventures, trying the differenet pellet favors, and different cooking styles I can enjoy with my new SmokePro SG 24 Pellet Grill (Bronze) and 14“ Sidekick Side Burner. I am excited about my Smoke Pro Jerky Racks where I can cook chicken wings, legs, and thighs, as well as baby back ribs and salmon fillets , not to mention burgers, brats, and hot dogs. The SG30 Griddle and 14″ Cast Iron Skillet will be great for breakfasts on the deck.
    Let the good times and great eating adventures begin.

    1. Bob, We are so happy you’ve made the switch and look forward to serving you as a loyal customer for many more years! All the best.
      – OC/Experts

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