How to Clean Your Flat Top Griddle

Your Camp Chef Flat Top Grill comes with a cold-rolled steel griddles surface. This surface has what Camp Chef calls a “True-Seasoned Finish.” It appears as a black finish and ultimately protects your griddle as well as providing a non-stick finish. After consulting with the Camp Chef team we’ve put together a maintenance guide to cleaning your griddle surface.

This blog is helpful for: Flat Top Grill 3 BurnerFlat Top Grill 4 BurnerFlat Top Grill 6 Burner, VersaTop 14-inch, & VersaTop 16-inch

 Cleaning the Griddle

Clean after each use! Again, CLEAN AFTER EACH USE! This will significantly extend your grill/griddle’s life, not to mention make it an easier clean in the future. After use, allow the griddle top to cool completely. Using warm water and some sort of scraper tool to scrap any grease/food bits into the angeled grease trough. Repeat until you’re satisfied. Should you run into stubborn food particles, put more focus on those sections using a plastic scrubber or plastic pan scraper. Finally, wipe clean with warm water and a paper towel. Repeat as necessary.

Seasoning the Griddle

After the food particles are removed and you’re satisfied with the light clean, slowly warm the griddle on Low. Apply a thin coating of Camp Chef Conditioner or olive oil. (Camp Chef Conditioner is palm oil-based which gives it a longer shelf life.) Use a clean paper towel to spread the conditioner over the entire griddle surface, including corners. By doing this small step of seasoning, you will elongate the seasoning on your griddle surface. This helps combat rust as well as provides an extra layer of durable, non-stick coating. Lastly, turn off the heat. And, after the cookware cools, wipe any excess oil/conditioner off with a clean paper towel.



Store your grill/griddle in a dry, clean area and be sure to go through the griddle cleaning and reseasoning steps prior to storing. When not in use we highly recommend purchasing a grill cover to protect from outdoor elements and nesting insects (especially if you’re planning to store overnight outside.) The same goes for protecting your portable VersaTops, be sure to pick up a compatible carry bag (shown above.)