Holiday Cooking Essentials

Every year, November rolls around and we can’t help but have holiday cooking on our mind. Turkey, chicken, prime rib, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie – you name it. With great meals comes great deals on the products that’ll get you there. Check out these 6 essential holiday products that’ll help take the stress out of holiday cooking.


Turkey Cannon

The Camp Chef Turkey Cannon is a great accessory for holiday bird cooking. A Turkey Cannon can help speed up cook times while adding great flavor to your bird. Pour your liquid of choice down the center tube (we love apple cider, and cooking wine), spray your tube with non-stick cooking spray, and place your cleaned-out turkey on the turkey cannon. The Turkey Cannon helps save on time, while not skimping on flavor.


Pellet Grill


If you haven’t made the pellet grill plunge—now might be the time (plus Woodwind SG pellet grills are now at holiday pricing!) Smoking your choice of holiday meat will add new flavor beyond your wildest taste bud dreams. Set your grill temperature in the morning, place your meat in the grill, monitor its progress with a meat probe, and let your pellet grill do the work.


h4>9-Piece Professional Knife Set


Carve holiday meat with an all-inclusive knife set. The 9-Piece Professional Knife Set has all the tools you need for a successful meal. Everything from kitchen shears to help spatchcock, something to slice bread, and a carving fork for your specialty meat. Our friends at Camp Chef recently posted on how to spatchcock and how to properly carve a turkey, check it out!

Twiins Beer Can Chicken Holder

Is chicken more your pace during the holiday season? Similar to our Turkey Cannon, the Twiins Beer Can Chicken Holder is double the fun. Simply insert your favorite cooking beverage can into the holders and place your chicken(s) on top. You’ll have tender, juicy chicken ready to serve in no time.

Square Dutch Oven


Let’s not forget some of the most sought out food of the holiday season—side dishes. The Square Dutch Oven is large enough to house your favorite side dishes. Layered potatoes—no problem. Homemade green bean casserole—easy.

Cast Iron Pie Pan


If you haven’t noticed—we love cast iron. Finish your holiday celebration off with a slice of warm pecan pie, fresh out the cast iron pie pan. Check out these 4 Holiday Pies for some new ideas.

What holiday cooking kitchen/grilling items can you not survive the season without? Let us know in the comment section below!

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