Get the Most Out of Your Portable Fire Pit

Campers, tailgaters, and backyard junkies know just how valuable having a fire is. Without it, we’d be huddled in a circle around no particular focal point. Not to mention, cold! Instead, we crack jokes, laugh, get serenaded by the flames, play games, cheers to old times, and wipe the sticky remanence of marshmallows off our toddler’s faces. If that’s not convincing enough here’s a few reasons you need a portable fire pit.

Portable fire pits make a great accessory during camping season. Make use of the ability to camp year-round by adding the comfort of warmth to your campsite. We sell Camp Chef propane fire pits that come with lava rock, a carrying bag, and even some roasting sticks perfect for s’mores or hot dogs. What’s even better is that since these portable fire pits are propane-powered, you won’t have to worry about transporting firewood over county lines. We all know that can be a hefty, unnecessary fine.


Not only are they optimal for warmth, but they also provide a quick way to eat. If you’re really mountain manning it in the forest, your first instinct would be to build a fire to provide warmth and a means for food. As we stated above, a couple of fire pit bundles come with roasting sticks. If yours are worn down, or you’re in need of a new pair you can pick them up here. While you’re there you can shop a variety of other fire pit accessories for making pudgy pies and other camping delicacies.


There are many different foods that you can cook on a portable fire table. Outside of hotdogs and marshmallows, we’ve put together a blog containing Three Foil Meals you can toss on your fire. Try kabobs, bacon wrap your skewers, even sneak in a grilled cheese sandwich. It’s all about creativity!


As for you backyard bloomers, come together for a fun family (or date) night by creating a s’mores bar. Marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers…yada yada. But, let’s take it up a notch. Peanut butter cups, sliced strawberries, caramel, YOU NAME IT. Getting the kids involved in a safe and controlled environment gives you the opportunity to teach them a little about fire safety–in the tastiest way possible of course! Then, after you put the little ones to bed we’re all for a little popping a bottle and enjoying the night.