24 Ways to Contribute this Earth Day

Earth Day is always a great reminder to get outside and enjoy the beauty of spring. It also gives us the extra nudge to do our part and participate in the bigger picture to keep Mother Nature wild. We encourage you to join in on the Earth Day movement as we quickly approach the spring and summer season.  Here are 30 ways you can help make this Earth a better place for the next generation.


  1. Check your local government or community boards for Earth Day events.
  2. Hike your favorite trail and bring an extra trash bag.
  3. Donate to a trustworthy charity.
  4. Buy eco-friendly (on our site choose Cast Iron!)
  5. Bike, walk, etc. to work (if you can.)
  6. Use a reusable water bottle.
  7. Plant something.
  8. Going camping soon? Pick up a Collapsible Garbage Can for your campsite.
  9. Start a compost.
  10. Be more mindful about recycling.
  11. Take the kids to the park and bring gloves to pick up miscellaneous trash items.
  12. Grocery shop smarter with reuseable bags and utilizing the bulk sections.
  13. Research ways to make your home more energy-efficient (something as simple as unplugging the coffee maker or TV before you leave.)
  14. Bring a reusable coffee cup on your next coffee run.
  15. Ditch the plastic straw at the restaurant.
  16. Opt for paperless billing and unsubscribe from junk mail advertisements.
  17. Buy bamboo products like facial tissues, toilet paper, or even household products like a Bamboo Cutting Board. It’s a sustainable, fast-growing plant resource.
  18. It’s almost Farmer’s Market season, shop locally grown.
  19. Teach your children about the importance of conservation and Earth Day.
  20. lover? Contact the Customer Service department and request (when possible) your orders use less excessive packaging and plastic heavy materials.
  21. When prepping lunches, use glass containers instead of plastic.
  22. Try reuseable “ziplock” baggies for the kids’ snacks.
  23. Organize a clean up through Eventbrite, Facebook Events, Meetup, etc. for Earth Day.
  24. Buy items secondhand through yard sales or other safe resale sites.


Though we are mindful of the restrictions COVID-19 might have on your travel and group activities, we hope this list will inspire you and your family–when the time comes–to do your part. How will you be participating in Earth Day this year? Leave us a comment below!