Del Rio in the Snow

Camp fires are always fun. But there’s something special about a campfire in a place that normally doesn’t have campfires.

Every time I saw a fire in someone’s backyard fire pit, I always got excited. Never having one of my own, I was always a little bit jealous.I could see myself cooking hot dogs and s’mores every night. All that has changed ever since I got my own Del Rio from Camp Chef. Now I can have my own fires wherever I want. Not only that, but now building a fire is a thing of the past. With the flick of a match I can have a roaring fire in seconds. But that’s not all, now I can have a fire just about anywhere I want. I can haul it to my friends house, take it tailgating, pack it in the RV, and the list goes on.

This past weekend our local ski resort was lucky enough to get struck by a good size winter storm. The storm started in the morning and went all day long. The weather men did a bad job predicting it because no one was expecting a storm, much less a storm of this size. Every weekend I run into this group of fellow skiers and snowboarders who feel the same about camp fires as I do. They bring their Del Rio with them every weekend, and every weekend I think to myself, “I really should bring my Del Rio up here too.” Their consistency really paid off this time as they were the envy of the entire parking lot. How often to you get a chance to ski or snowboard in new, fresh snow with close friends and then go warm up around a nice, toasty fire? I doesn’t happen too often. That’s why from here on out, my Del Rio will making the trip up the canyon with me each weekend as well.