Cutlery Comparison

They say a chef is only as good as his…cutlery. If that’s the case it might be time to re-assess what’s on your chopping block. While every in-home kitchen needs a good butcher’s block knife set, don’t forget about your outdoor kitchen. Your campsite kitchen, back patio barbeque station, RV home, and tailgate ‘go bag’ all need their own handy-dandy toolset.

4-Piece Carving Station Set


The most recent addition to the Outdoor Cooking site is the Camp Chef 4-Piece Carving Set. Stainless steel edges on the chef knife, santoku knife, grill tongs, and carving fork ensure your knives’ quality and longevity. Camp Chef’s site also says this new toolset is equipped with Pakkawood handles. Pakkawood is a wood/plastic composite material used for objects that will see everyday rough wear and tear–perfect for a back porch grill set up! The set is then wrapped up in a rugged-looking wax rolled canvas case. While it probably won’t hold up in a monsoon, the case will do its part for as a light weather-resistant liner. Plus, it looks pretty dang cool too.

Purchase this set for the back patio, RV, cabin, or tailgate.

9-Piece Professional Knife Set


This set is the largest knife set on the site and is the most bang for your buck. It includes a Chef Knife, Bread Knife, Fillet Knife, Utility Knife, Paring Knife, a carving fork, kitchen shears, a mini cutting board, and of course a durable carrying case. If you’re looking for a variety of knives to store in the RV at the hunting cabin, or in your campsite stockpile this set would be a safe bet. Plus the carrying case is weather resistant and the knives call for easy clean up since they’re dishwasher safe! Chef’s who need a little more variety in their cutting tools need this bad boy.

Purchase this set for the RV, cabin, campsite, or tailgate.

5-Piece All-Purpose Chef’s Set


This All-Purpose Chef Set is probably the most universal toolset on the site. It’s got a little bit of everything that any chef might need on the go. While it’s probably not going to be raved about in culinary schools across the world, this set will definitely do the trick for your mobile home or tailgate. This set includes a spatula with beveled edges for cutting and easy flipping, a santoku knife, heavy-duty tongs, and a flat-nosed spoon (great for Dutch ovens and scooping casseroles.)

Purchase this set for the RV, cabin, campsite, tailgate, or back patio. Literally anywhere!

BBQ Tool Set


Grillers listen up! If you’ve got a portable pellet grill such as the Pursuit or any sort of stove cook system then you need a portable BBQ Tool Set. It includes a silicone basting brush, grill box spatula, and a pair of grill tongs–the basic grilling necessities! Most of the customers who buy this set are using it on the back patio, for their portable grills, at the cabin, or RV, etc.

Purchase this set for the RV, cabin, campsite, tailgate, or back patio.

6-Piece Griddle Set

Flat Top Grill and stove owners with griddle tops–this one’s for you! Historically, most purchasers would exclusively be using this on their back patio. Now with Camp Chef’s launch of the Portable Flat Top Grill 600 and VersaTop line, this set works just as well anywhere. While it’s not the most portable cooking set (with no carry bag included,) it would be perfect on your back patio or at your RV home site.

Purchase this set for the back patio, RV, or cabin.


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