Cleaning Your Cutting Board

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that your cutting boards not only need to be cleaned and sanitized but some also need to be oiled. We sell a couple of different cutting boards on the site and it’s important to understand which need a little more TLC outside of water and dish soap. Let’s take a look!


Bamboo Cutting Boards


Our most high maintenance boards are our Camp Chef Bamboo Cutting Boards. They are quality pieces, offer useful features, and come in two sizes. The 14-inch Bamboo Cutting Board is a great household option, but also fits on Camp Chef’s Sidekick (for pellet grills) and Camp Chef’s Pro X Series shelves (for stoves.) The 26-inch Bamboo Cutting Board is a griller’s fave. It’s perfect for seasoning and slicing large cuts or quantities of meat.


Bamboo cutting boards call for a similar seasoning process as cast iron. They need to oiled to be well-preserved. The oil soaks into the pores of the bamboo hydrating the board while keeping excess moisture, like water, out. Camp Chef recommends oiling about once a month.

  • Immediately after use, hand wash and dry your board with warm water and mild dish soap. Make sure to get into the juice grooved edges.  (Never soak or place in a dishwasher. This can warp and crack your board.)
  • Dry vertically.
  • Once completely dried. WARM a ½ cup (26-inch board) or ¼ cup (14-inch board) of food-grade mineral oil in a saucepan. (Never use cooking oils.)
  • Pour the oil onto your cutting board and rub in a circular motion with a clean cloth. Be sure to oil all sides of your cutting board.

Pros: Bamboo is a fast-growing, sustainable wood/grass source. It’s also gentler on knives than many other traditional wood boards.

Cons: A little more time and maintenance goes into the cleaning. Some also find the 26-inch board to be a little large to handle.

Portable/Camp Cutting Board


There are a couple of utensil sets that include a mini cutting board of sorts. These guys don’t need nearly as much attention as the bamboo ones from above. The 6-Piece Griddle Tool Set comes with a flexible cutting board, while the 9-Piece Knife Set comes with a small plastic cutting board. Both sets are geared towards users who are in the field or at the campsite, so cleaning can be a direct reflection of that.


  • Wipe/scrape clean of any large food debris.
  • Wash with warm soapy water after use. Remember to clean both sides.
  • Dry completely with a towel or sunlight before storing it away.
  • If you’re in the field/campsite and have no soap on hand. Wash with a water source and dry by the sunlight. We suggest that once you get back to a more modern home base to rewash/sanitize your items before stowing away.

Pros: Both boards are easy and low maintenance to clean. They come included in  select tool sets.

Cons: Not heavy duty and not suitable for large cooks.