Cheap Items to Up Your Grilling Game

Yes, bells, whistles, and attachments are great if you have a boatload of discretionary money to spend. But, for the vast majority of the world’s population, that isn’t the case. In fact, the splurge was the grill purchase itself–we get it. Here’s a couple of cheap add-ons to enhance your grilling game without breaking the bank.

Magnetic Hooks

Both practical and frugal, this three-pack of magnetic hooks will save you time. Stick ’em on your gas grill or pellet grill (well, anywhere that’s magnetic) for easy access to tools like spatulas, tongs, grill brushes, basting brushes, etc.

Wireless Thermometer & Meat Probe 


If you haven’t made the plunge to WIFI and don’t see that happening anytime soon, then a wireless thermometer is the next best thing! Keep an eye on food temperatures from your grill, dutch oven, etc. from up to 100 feet away. Just sticking to the basics for your pellet grill? Pick up an extra meat probe (most Camp Chef pellet grills have dual meat probes for better readings.)

Universal Wire Front Shelf

Under $50, this wire front shelf hooks on to the chamber base of your Camp Chef pellet grill. Install is super easy and it conveniently folds down flat when not in use. This is a great budget option to Camp Chef’s more expensive solid front shelf.

Rib Rack

If you’re low on space and need a little assistance smoking ribs, this nickel-plated steel Rib Rack is a great help. There’s room to vertically smoke 6 racks of ribs. We do suggest accounting for a little extra cook time to your ribs as the racks are so close together (30 + minutes.)

Smoke Tube

Great for grill owners of all types, the Smoke Tube can turn any grill into a pellet grill. Load with wood chips or wood pellets and cover to add a wood-fired, smoky aroma from your gas or charcoal grill. Pellet grill owners can still benefit from this beauty too as cold smoking becomes more and more popular.

Wing Rack

Similar to the Rib Rack, this nickel-plated steel rack can hold up to a dozen chicken wings. You’ll save on space and probably a little bit of cleaning when the jobs done.



Sometimes all you need is a little bit of easy flavor. For under $10 get perfectly pre-mixed spices for every meat/veggie dish you prepare. Crowd favorites seem to be the Camp Chef Kickin’ BBQ Rub and the Citrus Herb Seasoning.