How to Clean and Maintain Your Cast Iron

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of cooking with cast iron: the high heat, the versatility, the durability, and especially the longevity. If you treat a cast iron skillet or Dutch oven right, it could last you a lifetime. However, you may have also heard...Read More

Grilling the perfect steak

How to Grill the Perfect Steak

Summer is officially here, so if  you haven't been grilling and BBQing yet... you're missing out. Here at we get asked all kinds of outdoor cooking questions, but the one we get asked the most is 'how to cook a great steak'. It just so happens that our good friend Gary House over at has just put a video together explaining how he cooks a perfect steak. And the best part...


Choosing the Right Stove For Your Outdoor Kitchen

When it comes to adding a propane camp stove to your outdoor kitchen, there’s no shortage of options. In fact, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed with the number of different sizes, weights, BTU outputs, and features. Do you want the compact stove with...Read More


A Backpacker’s Checklist

First Time Backpacking? Get the right gear. Buy new, borrow from a friend, rent—whatever it may be. Gear is extremely important when backpacking. There are many brands out there, but popular brands don’t always correlate to practical backpacking gear. Keep in mind that weather changes...Read More

Packing a Cooler

How To Pack A Cooler

Are you venturing outside to brave the heat this summer? We’re going to help you pack your cooler for optimum chill whether you’re going on a weeklong trip through the backcountry or enjoying an afternoon barbecue on your patio. You may think that packing a cooler is...Read More

Advantages of Cast Iron Cookware

Advantages of Cast Iron Cookware

If people have been using cast iron cookware for hundreds of years, there must be a reason behind it, right? Actually, there are several. Cast iron has proven itself over and over again as reliable, versatile, and durable cookware. So if you’re considering making the...Read More