The Best Grills for Small Space Living

If you’re part of the many Americans that live in a condo, townhome, apartment, highrise, etc. then you’re also privy to the fact that large grills just won’t work for your lifestyle. Plus, let’s not discount how gross those ‘community maintained grills’ are either. We’re here to prove that you can grill food without owning a home or large backyard. Let’s start by debunking a couple of our most asked small space cooking questions.

Can I grill on my balcony? Yes. While it’s best to re-read your lease or HSA agreement. There are grills that work great for balcony grilling. However, if your renter’s agreement states otherwise we highly suggest following housing guidelines.

Is it safe to grill on my balcony? Yes. There are a couple of things to keep in mind. First and foremost, please make sure you are only cooking on a nonflammable surface (like concrete) and ensure you only cook in well-ventilated areas. Be sure to keep the grill a safe distance from any nearby objects, walls, or ceilings (per the instruction manual) to avoid creating a fire hazard or melting your belongings. Always be present during the grilling process to ensure safety for everyone in the apartment community. Finally, we suggest keeping a fire extinguisher handy for precaution against grease fires, etc.

Which grills work best for small space grilling? Many! We’re glad you asked. This is completely based on personal preference and what you plan to cook most:


Small Space Pellet Grills: Historically speaking there weren’t many options for smoking on a balcony or small patio. However, within the past year, Camp Chef has launched two 20″ pellet grill options for small space cooking. Woodwind WIFI 20 Pellet Grill & Pursuit Pellet Grill. If you want the luxury of WIFI we suggest going with the newer Woodwind WIFI 20. If you’re looking for a portable, storable option the Pursuit offers rolling wheels and collapsible legs.


Table-Top Grills: Table-top grills are a great way to save on space. We currently sell three propane-powered table-top grills. The Portable BBQ Grill works well for beaching, camping, or just keeping in the storage unit for easy access the next time your craving something charred. More recently updated is the VersaTop Grill line. Choose from a 14″ Flat Top Grill or a 16″ Flat Top Grill option. Both offer an included griddle, the same great body construction, but differ in size. Swap out compatible accessories (sold separately) and find out which cooking styles you love right on your bistro set.

Also into hiking or day sports? Try Camp Chef’s compact stove Mountain Series line for lightweight propane bottle powered options.


Full-Sized Flat Top Grills: We’d recommend only one full-sized flat top grill for small space living. The 3 Burner Flat Top Grill is still a considerable cooking size when you set it up. We recommend the FTG475 if you’re looking for a griddle top that’s a little more stationary and can live on your porch or balcony without taking up much space. Please check your local and state law regarding the use of propane in covered spaces.


Multi-Use Stove: There are a number of multi-use stoves that don’t take up a lot of room and can be easily stored after use. Pick up any of our Two-Burner, 14-inch Stoves for a small footprint and quick set up. All will require a propane tank as a fuel source and we recommend snagging a couple of cooking accessories to get started. Shop 14″ Accessories here.