Camp Chef Pellet Grill Accessories You Need

Camp Chef products thrive on providing some of the most versatile equipment within the cooking industry. That’s why we love them so much! Enjoy a restaurant style cooking experience with Camp Chef’s Wood Pellet Grill line. Wood pellet grilling adds a variety of smoky wood-fired flavors to any meal. The purchase of a wood pellet grill is a no brainer, but here at Outdoor Cooking, we want you to get the full grilling experience by adding some of the best accessories for your trusty grill.

Pellet Grill Cover, $57.99 – 62.99

We always get a ton of question regarding which pellet grill accessories to buy. Many people have fancy, shiny, ideas in their mind but often forget the most crucial accessory–a patio cover. Manufactured in two sizes, 24-inch and 36-inch, think of the Pellet Grill Cover has an outer skin. It’s an investment that will pay for itself in no time at all. The material is both durable and weather resistant for even the more careless of climates. This is an absolute must!

Grill Blanket, $84.99 – 104.99

If you enjoy grilling year-round then a Grill Blanket is an absolutely essential purchase. Pellet Grill Blankets come in two convenient sizes, 24-inch and 36-inch to perfectly wrap your equipment. Due to its fiberglass fire resistant material your grill will remain properly insulated from the cold outdoor elements and in turn, reduce the number of pellets needed to burn during the winter months. Grab your blanket and bundle up for the winter because these guys sell like hot cakes come fall. 

BBQ Sear Box, $219.99


Want to step up your grill game this season? Purchase a BBQ Sear Box accessory. The simple mounting system allows you to easily add an entirely separate cooking system to your grill. With the addition of the BBQ Sear Box, you’ll be able to get that perfectly seared finish with the irresistible smoky taste you love in one convenient unit. Enjoy an extra 180 square inches of cooking space.  Use that much-needed space to add a vegetable side dish to your meal, perfectly toast your burger buns, or get those steaks to a flawless sizzling sear. 

Sidekick, $219.99

Recently launched in mid-2018, the Sidekick is perfect for those who want an all-encompassing pellet grill. Just like the Sear Box, you can easily mount the Sidekick to your Camp Chef pellet grill. It comes with a ready-to-cook steel griddle BUT is also compatible with other 14-inch cooking accessories. Try the Pizza Oven, BBQ Box, boil water, make french fries. you name it. We recommend the Sidekick to those who have other Camp Chef 14-inch cooking systems. If you already have the accessories for your stove, then why not make use of them on your pellet grill too.

Pellet Grill Jerky Racks, $87.99 – $134.99


There’s no need to compromise on space if you own a pellet grill. The Pellet Grill Jerky Rack comes with 3 removal-able racks allowing you to quadruple your cooking surface and quicken your overall cook time.  Get creative with your cooking because the Pellet Grill Jerky Rack isn’t only limited to jerky making. Cook for a crowd by layering chicken wings or fish for an even more dynamic use of the Jerky Rack.

What wood pellet grill accessories can you not live without? Leave us a comment below!