3 Accessories Your VersaTop Needs

The VersaTop 14″ and VersaTop 16″ grill are perfect for anyone with an on-the-go lifestyle. For the past year we’ve seen them in action at festivals, concerts, camping, hiking day trips, on the ski hill, and at your uncle’s fishing shack. But, are you getting the most out of your cooking system? Let’s start with the basics, your grill comes ready to cook with an included removable steel griddle top surface. Read how to clean and maintain it here. While your griddle top is one of the most versatile cooking surfaces, there are few other cooking and noncooking accessories us OC Experts think you might want to add to your VersaTop line up.

Please note: Your VersaTop sizing–it will either a 14″ or 16″ VersaTop. All photos pictured are depicting the VersaTop 14″ 1-Burner.

Grill Box


This one’s a no brainer! We can all use a portable grill. Add the 14″ 1-Burner Grill Box or the 16″ 2-Burner Grill Box to your VersaTop by simply removing the griddle and placing the grill box over the burner cavity. You’ll transform this portable cooking system into a grill in a matter of seconds. That means switching up the menu is just as easy.

Outdoor (Pizza) Oven


We use the word pizza lightly in this case because the otherwise marketed Camp Chef Pizza Oven cooks way more than just pizzas. And, we think you should know that too! Try salmon, cast-iron dishes, cinnamon rolls, flatbreads and more.  We’ve seen it all! It acts just as your at-home oven would. Pop a 14″ 1-Burner Oven or a 16″ 2-Burner Oven on your VersaTop today and take your kitchen anywhere!

Carry Bag


Quite possibly the most important on this list is the heavy-duty matching carry bag. Your cooking system is an investment, so treat it as such. For under $25 you’ll be able to easily transport and store your VersaTop Grill. Grab the 14″ 1-Burner Carry Bag or the 16″ 2-Burner Carry Bag and keep your cook system in tip-top shape.

Which accessory are you adding to the collection? Fitment questions? Toss them below and we’ll get back to you!