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2018 Best Sellers

To us, cooking and grilling season is year round. If you’re on the fence about which products to buy, we’ve got you covered. Gear up for the season with our 2018 best sellers. Our best sellers are completely customer curated—meaning you can’t go wrong. Stock up on your fellow outdoor cooking enthusiasts’ favorite products for a year you’ll never forget.


Camp Chef Woodwind

It should be no surprise that Camp Chef’s Woodwind Pellet Grill that launched April 2017 is still our top seller.  Customers love the diversity of the included side sear box. Pair these two cooking styles together makes the Woodwind one of the most versatile grills on the market. The grill chamber can reach temperatures between 160° F to 500° F, while the sear box can reach 900° F—perfect for getting that perfect caramelized sear.

“I decided to go with the Camp Chef Woodwind grill with [Sear Box] and I couldn’t be more pleased! I now have a single grill that will truly smoke, grill, bake, and sear! In fact, my wife and I meal prep on it! We can use the [Sear Box] to quickly grill our chicken (4-5 minutes) while smoking pork tenderloin! Culinary multi-tasking! Gotta love that!” – Cody O (Amazon Verified Review)


Camp Chef SmokePro DLX

The SmokePro line by Camp Chef is a staple for pellet grill fanatics. This bronze 24 inch DLX pellet grill is perfect for at home back patio grillers. Cook food to perfection with user friendly features like the dual temperature sensor and digital temperature display.  The Smoke Pro DLX is perfect for beginners or seasoned smokers alike.

“We should have bought one years ago. We have cooked whole chickens on the rack and boy it is the best chicken ever…crispy outside and very moist and tender inside. Ribs, salmon, and steaks are really great also…Would recommend this BBQ unit to anyone.” – Brian V (Amazon Verified Review)


Camp Chef Flat Top Grill 475

The Flat Top Grill 475 is the smallest of the Flat Top Grill fleet by Camp Chef. And boy, they’ve been selling like hot cakes this season. Speaking of hot cakes, that’s not all they can make. Expand your menu ten fold—we’ve seen everything from Sizzling Steak Fajitas, grilled vegetables, and melt in your mouth chicken parmesan sandwiches.

“I’ve never had a flat top grill, but I am sold on the way it cooks and cleans. Cooking is very fast compared to my covered cooker, and just scrape, season, wipe off the excess, and the grill is clean. Very compact! This will fit anywhere!” – HDTVMAN


Camp Chef SmokePro LUX

The SmokePro Lux pellet grill was made for our customers who want a larger cooking area. Enjoy all the features of the SmokePro line on one of Camp Chef’s biggest units. Get 875 -quare inches of unrestrained savory smoking space. This sleek black grill is the perfect addition to your back patio.

“I have had my Camp Chef Pellet Grill LUX for a few months and I couldn’t be happier. Before I decided on my purchase, I did a lot of research on other brands and found that the Camp Chef had the most features, for the best price. Win-Win! The pellet hopper, has a pull out, which makes it easy when you want to switch flavor of pellets, instead of running the pellets all the way of the hopper and auger chamber. The other feature that Camp Chef has, that I haven’t seen on any other pellet grills, is the ash cup clean out. It’s nice not having to get out the shop vac every time you are done cooking just to clean out the fire pot. This pellet grill cooks great and has plenty of room! It will fit at least 6-8 full pork butts (depending on size). I put 7 in there for a work party, and it cooked like a dream. Filled the hopper and it did the rest. I am very happy with my purchase and I would buy this pellet grill again.” – Boss Man


Camp Chef Pro 90X

For our ever-active outdoor cooking enthusiasts, the Pro 90X is our best selling stove.  Set up for a Friday night football tailgate part, then seamlessly transition to the campground on Saturday morning. The two folding shelves are perfect for extra prep or rest space, while the three-sided windscreen helps protect from the elements. Cook brats, burgers, and everything in between on three powerful burners.  For even more added fun our consumers love to mix and match other 16 inch accessories like a fry griddle and pizza oven.

“We’ve used this several times now and love it. We bought the cast iron cook top to use on it and have cooked everything from breakfast items to steak, etc. It works great and folds up easily for better storage. It is heavy, so it’s hard for me (a 5’1” female) to get in and out of my LQ horse trailer to use if my husband doesn’t go with me…but not impossible. Just takes lots of muscle and maneuvering. I would definitely recommend it if you cook a lot camping. I do think we would have been ok with a 2 burner instead of a 3 burner but it’s nice knowing we have that extra burner if we need it or camp with a big group and want to cook lots of food.” – Countrygrl4u2nv (Amazon Verified Review)


BBQ Tool Set

The Camp Chef BBQ Tool Set is our best selling accessory to date. Its multi-use, three-piece set pairs well with just about every grill on the market. Get a silicon basting brush, a grill box spatula, and a pair of tongs—nothing but the grilling essentials.



Newly launch and loved by everyone, the Dutch Oven Oval Roaster is a must-have for those who love cast iron. The historic scene imprinted on this limited time item pays tribute to the historic Golden Spike site in Utah.

What gear/equipment could you not have lived without this year? Let us know in the comment section below!