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WaterBasics Replacement Filter (GRN-II-80)

WaterBasics Replacement Filter (GRN-II-80)

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The WaterBasics GRN LINE filter has been designed for recreational and emergency Drinking water when using a natural water source. Use this filter for backcountry excursions or when traveling to protect against bacterial contamination and outbreaks of E-Coli and Cholera.


Features & Benefits

  • Maintenance-freee disposable filter
  • Sized for easy transport in pocket, packs, go bag, or vehicle
  • Perfect for individuals and family outings
  • Filters up to 80 gallons
  • Filters water from bottles, bladders, bag-to-bag, gravity flow systems, or directly from water sources
  • Anti-microbial
  • Protozoan cyst and bacteria protection


  • Disposable 80 Gallon Filter
  • Emergency Straw Mouthpiece Adapter
  • Multi-use Straw

Series II Fits

  • Emergency Straw Adapter
  • WaterBasics Gravity Filter Kit
  • WaterBasics Bag-to-Bag Gravity Filter Kit
  • WaterBasics Pump & Filter Kit

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