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Expedition 3X Triple Burner Stove (with Griddle)

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Expedition 3X Triple Burner Stove (with Griddle)

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Product Review (submitted on January 6, 2016):
I've had this rig for about 8 months now and find it hard to come with a reason to not take it with me when Im going on a hunting or camping trip. I have a double burner griddle and added the additional single burner giddle. This created the perfect setup in my opinion. It allows you to have full side to side griddle surface or you can remove one side or the other to gain access to the burners while still griddling away. I bought this originally because I was tired of it taking over an hour and messing up several skillets plus the electric skillet to cook saturday morning breakfast for my family. The two burner griddle allows you to cook a full package of bacon all at once (AWESOME!). With the bacon finished and the grease still lingering pile on the hashbrowns while the sausage cooks on the single burner griddle. As the hashbrowns and sausage come off the eggs and pancakes start going down. Badda bing you are finished! Hosting a pancake breakfast fund raiser with this thing is not a problem. I have cooked everything on this rig from burgers and split hot dogs, fajitas (great for cooking/warming tortillas), grilled cheese sandwiches (everyone gets one while the cheese is still hot) to spagetti, green beans and garlic toast. I have this rig setup on my porch and prefer it over my electic flat top range in the kitchen. The heat is far more consistent than the range and there is alot more of it. I have had this camping in the mountains, at the lake for a family reunion, at the state parks camping with freinds, hunting in the high plains grasslands where a ground fire is out of the question, down at the river cooking for the crew and it has never let me down. The only thing that I will be modifying are the legs. Im going to slip on a section of pipe over the legs with tension bolt, this should allow me to adjust the height of each leg to get everything level. In the mountains finding a level spot was not an option. Had to dig holes for the back legs to fit into and put the front legs on rocks to get it level. I recommend this rig to everyone. I have a friend that got one for christmas and I helped my mom order one for my dad for christmas. I have an uncle that keeps slobbering on mine everytime he sees it, I wouldn't be shocked it he got one too. One last note. I noticed on the single griddles coming out now that they have a flame tamer welded to the under side of the griddle so no need to order 3 flame tamers if that feature stays the same. If you are using the griddles, flame tamers are a must buy. HOT SPOTS are not your friend, get the tamers. COOK ON! IM OUT!

Pros: Powerful, ITS AWESOME

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