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Expedition 3X Triple Burner Stove (with Griddle)

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Expedition 3X Triple Burner Stove (with Griddle)

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Product Review (submitted on January 6, 2016):
Bought it to use for BBQ and camping. Being a engineer, First thing that we noticed is that the burner holder was made of galvized sheet metal. Changed this to Stainless steel and put some vent slots on the inside of the burners. Made a great heat control improvement and helped with the cleanup of spilled items down into the burner area.

We first use the BBQ on camp outs to keep the pancakes, eggs, bacon warm till everything its cooked on the grill so that its all served at once.

Then we built our own oven to go on top of the stove as camp chef doesn't seem to make one. We used the coleman port oven for a while but, needed a bigger one for the masses'. Didn't want to get second stand alone one. Should be an accessory item for the 3x.

Top grate appeared to be chrome plated steel. Changed this also to Stainless steel and while it changed to a blue condition, we don't seem to get rusting when its put away.

Next mod was to put a quick connect fitting on the hose hook up at the stove. Now we don't need to have to use a wrench to attach or detach when setting up.

Next up we found they need more storage area for pots/pans/ accessories and/or clean up. So we had a two level storage rack that fit into the other holes in the legs under the stove made up. Much better idea. They should sell those too for the camp kitchen

Only other item that we made for the stove is a side fold up table. Works great for prepair'n food or setting it off to serve or cool. We tried the sheet metal side wings that they sell for the stove but, found that they just didn't have the load rating (i.e dutch oven weight) and went to the side table at the same height using the same construction as the stove, but, with folding legs. Much better idea for the camp kitchen addition. More useful and stronger to hold item in a serving line. .

We bought a Boy Scout Kamp kitchen that they made as project fund raser' which has all the needed cooking/serving - plates, silverware storage area. Now we can have a complete camp kitchen that is easy to set up and use.

Cons: Weak Construction

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