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Hydration & Water Storage

Staying hydrated can be a life or death situation when you are off the beaten path. Check our complete line of hydration supplies in this section. We have everything from personal water bottles to multi-gallon containers that will help keep water nearby when you need it the most.

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  1. Seattle Sports Pocket Bucket 9.5"X10.5"Item #: 148237

    List Price: $16.95

    Price: $15.99

    You Save: $0.96 (6%)

    POCKET BUCKET:This large collapsible water carrier has a 3-gallon capacity. The pocket bucket is lightweight and folds down to size of a deck of cards. Dishwasher safe. 9.5"x10.5" Learn More

  2. Aquamira Water Treatment - 2oz.Item #: 67203

    Price: $16.95

    Aquamira Water Treatment is now available in a convenient and economical 2oz. size for treating larger batches of water.  The 2oz. size is perfect for treating stored water in 55 gallon or smaller drums. It is also ideal for treating water in RV... Learn More

  3. WaterBasics Replacement Filter (BLU-I-60)Item #: 67255

    Price: $19.99

    The WaterBasics BLU LINE filter is the perfect everyday filter. Use to improve the taste and odor of municipal water, potable water, or fast moving streams with a low-risk of biological contamination. Provides protection from protozoan cysts such as... Learn More

  4. WaterBasics Replacement Filter (GRN-II-80)Item #: 67254

    Price: $19.99

    The WaterBasics GRN LINE filter has been designed for recreational and emergency Drinking water when using a natural water source. Use this filter for backcountry excursions or when traveling to protect against bacterial contamination and outbreaks ... Learn More

  5. WaterBasics Emergency Straw Filter - 2pkItem #: 67250

    Price: $19.99

    The WaterBasics Emergency Straw Filter tackles the job of emergency water protection when a reliable water source is disrupted. A #1 best-seller, this simple filter is compact, light-weight, and low cost. The reusable pouch multi-tasks to hold wate... Learn More

  6. Reliance Aqua-TainerItem #: CONFIG-341114

    List Price: $20.95

    Price: $17.95

    You Save: $3.00 (14%)

    Aqua Tainer is a space-saving rectangular water container designed for easy storage. Transparent material. Threaded vent closure. Molded contour grip. Easy to use on/off spigot. Spigot reverses for safe storage. Learn More

  7. Reliance Folda Water CarriersItem #: CONFIG-341090

    List Price: $10.95

    Price: $10.95

    Collapsible plastic containers conveniently carry or store water. On/off spigot locks closed to avoid messy spills. A strong plastic handle folds flat. when full. Learn More

  8. Reliance Fold A Carrier With Handle 5 Gal BlueItem #: 341123

    List Price: $12.95

    Price: $10.49

    You Save: $2.46 (19%)

    FOLD A CARRIER WITH HANDLE:Fold-a-carrier with a large integrated handle. Durable and easy to use when filled. portable and packable when empty. Top neck for ease of pouring. Learn More

  9. Reliance Waterpak 5 Gal ContainerItem #: 341113

    List Price: $21.95

    Price: $17.99

    You Save: $3.96 (18%)

    WATERPAK:Barrel shaped with anti-roll-bar feature. "Nesting" tops and bottoms are easy to stack and display. Spigot reverses for safe storage. Easy to use spigot Learn More

  10. Reliance Desert Patrol 6 GalItem #: 341110

    List Price: $19.95

    Price: $17.49

    You Save: $2.46 (12%)

    DESERT PATROL:Rugged construction in traditional "jeep" container shape. Contoured handle designed for comfort and strength. Angled for two-handed gripping for easier lifting and pouring. Protected snap-in vent plug. Not for use with fl... Learn More

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