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Goal Zero Rock Out Rechargeable Speaker

Goal Zero Rock Out Rechargeable Speaker

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Rechargeable  MP3 Speaker

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With Goal Zero's Rock Out Rechargeable Speaker, jam to your favorite tunes for up to 20 hours! Plug the headphone jack into your mp3 player or laptop and share your music or just rock out by yourself. Recharge it via USB.



  • Rechargeable portable speaker for MP3 player or Laptop
  • Recharge via USB in 2 hours or Nomad 7 Solar Panel (not included) in 1-2 hours
  • Run 20 hours off a full charge
  • Delivers a full range of high-quality sound
  • Store MP3 player inside pocket for protection
  • Hang from backpack, bike stem or belt with cinchable shock cord
  • Daisy chain Rock Outs together for bigger sound
  • Has internal battery, won't drain music device's power
  • Weather Resistant



  • 1 Rock Out Rechargeable Speaker
  • 1 USB charge cable


Tech Specs:

Recharge Times

USB (DC): 2 hours

Nomad 7: 1-2 hours

* Expect 2-4x longer charge times depending on weather conditions when charging by solar.



Wooden Speaker

5 pin standard USB charge cable

Standard 3.5mm audio output

Speaker Dimension: 40mm

Power Rating: 2 x 2

Signal Processing: Double Stereo Speaker



Product Weight (no pkg): 14.4 oz / 0.40 kgs

Product Dimensions: 6 x 5 x 3 (inch) / 15 x 14 x 7.6 (cm)

Warranty: Twelve months

Operating Temperatures

Optimal Operating: 32°-104°F / 0°-40°C

Optimal Storage: 32°-86°F / 0°-30°C



Tested and Certified: CE and FCC

Product Specifications

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