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Smoker Accessories

Accessories for your smoker include carry bags, extra rack and specialty racks for different types of cuts, and chips and chunks to flavor your meat with.

Simplify your smoking with a Pellet Grill and Smoker, here's our selection.

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  1. Camp Chef 24" Smoke Vault Standard Meat Racks - 2 packItem #: SMR24

    List Price: $27.00

    Price: $24.99

    You Save: $2.01 (7%)

    Additional standard racks for your 24" smoke vault Learn More

  2. Patio Cover for 18" Smoke VaultItem #: PC18

    List Price: $33.50

    Price: $29.99

    You Save: $3.51 (10%)

    Protect your investment Smoke Vault with this durable, weather-resistant cover.  This quality cover provides wind protection and security from the elements. Features: Weather-resistant liner Quality cover for patio Fits: SMV-18 SMV-18B Dimen... Learn More

  3. Hi Mountain Snakin' Stick Kit - Hunter's BlendItem #: 00249

    Price: $23.99

    Our newest Jerky Kit makes it way to Snackin' Sticks!   Hunter’s Blend is a special combination of seasonings that feature garlic, pepper , a hint of hickory and finishing with some heat. It will be easily recognized by its unique camoufla... Learn More

  4. Hi Mountain Snakin' Stick Kit - JalapenoItem #: 00280

    Price: $23.99

    Another great Snackin' Stick kit using the brand new Jalapeño flavor. Snackin' Sticks are a great on-the-go snack, and are easy to make and delicious! And don't worry, the jalapeño flavor is bold, not hot!    Each kit contains... Learn More

  5. Hi Mountain Snakin' Stick Kit - PepperoniItem #: 00094

    Price: $23.99

    Pepperoni Snackin' Sticks Kit: Each kit contains (2) 3.0 oz. seasoning packets; (2) 4.2 oz. cure packets; (2) strands of 21 mm collagen casings, enough to do up to 20 lbs of meat! Learn More

  6. Maverick Roast Alert Oven Roasting ThermometerItem #: ET-8

    List Price: $29.99

    Price: $22.99

    You Save: $7.00 (23%)

    Whatever goes in an oven, the Maverick Electronic Probe Thermometer and Timer can watch over while you take of other cooking tasks. From roasts to ground beef or turkey, it announces with precision the levels of doneness based on programmable tempera... Learn More

    Out of stock

  7. Wireless ThermometerItem #: LTRM

    List Price: $31.50

    Price: $28.99

    Special Price: $24.64

    You Save: $6.86 (22%)

    Do you have a hard time measuring temperatures for your Dutch ovens and smokers? The new Camp Chef wireless thermometer takes the guess work out of cooking meat by letting you check your temperatures from up to 100 feet away. Go ahead and watch the... Learn More

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