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Food Smokers

Propane Food Smokers

Many would agree not much else tastes better than nicely seasoned and smoked BBQ ribs from your favorite BBQ restaurant. Now you can easily prepare delicious ribs and a whole lot more at home with our Camp Chef brand Food Smokers.

Camp Chef offers both a 18" and 24" Smoke Vault to fit your needs. What makes these smokers so unique is their design as well as being powered by propane. You can use these smokers to make Jerky, smoke fish, baked potatoes, pies and even cook delicious whole turkeys. With a build in chip try you can add any flavor of wood chips you would like to create that perfect smoked flavor that will drive your friends and family mad for more.

Each Camp Chef smoker features a rugged steel chassis with built in burner and regulator. On both sides and the top there are adjustable air gaps to help you more efficiently control temperature throughout the unit for more even heating which is just what you need for smoking delicious jerky or venison.

Prepare meat for your smoker right with Food Processing equipment.


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