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Camp Chef

12" Disposable Dutch Oven Liners


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Introducing Camp Chef’s NEW Disposable Dutch Oven Liners. Simplify your Dutch oven cooking and cleaning with disposable aluminum liners by Camp Chef. Liners easily lift out of the oven and serve as a food dish, leaving your Dutch oven ready for another recipe and no clean up needed. Pre-formed sizes are durable and will work with standard depth Dutch ovens as well as deep Dutch ovens. Includes 3 liners.


  • Includes 3 liners
  • Molded to fit standard 12” Dutch ovens
  • Disposable aluminum liner keeps your Durch oven clean
  • Lifts out of oven and works as a serving dish
  • Works with "deep" Dutch ovens as well
  • 11.75” wide inside diameter
  • 4.5” deep

For use in Deep Dutch Ovens:

Simply unfold the lip of the liner and press firmly into the Deep Dutch Oven