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Infusion Roaster (Turkey Cannon) with Brine Kit


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Thanksgiving Turkey: How to Brine A Turkey

By: Admin Nov 14, 2013

Cook your turkey in half the time with a sure fire way to the perfect turkey with a Camp Chef Turkey Cannon and Brine Kit. It's easy to use, adds moisture and will wow your guests.The Turkey Cannon and Brine Kit includes Camp Chef's patented turkey infusion roaster (turkey cannon), as well as a brin...

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Three Amazing Ways to Cook a Turkey

By: Admin Nov 02, 2009

Well it's that time of year again when everyone is trying their best to plan for Thanksgiving.Besides the usual worries of trying to bring together family and friends the next big issue is who is going to cook the turkey and how will it turn out. Let's face it, we've all seen the funny movie sc...

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Camp Chef’s Gourmet Turkey Cannon Brine Kit prepares the perfect turkey every time. The unique Turkey Cannon roasts turkeys faster than traditional methods. The included brining kit will add succulence and mouthwatering flavor while keeping the cooking process simple. All-natural, Gluten free, no MSG.

Professional chefs rely on the process of brining to prepare a moist, succulent turkey. Brining consist of soaking the bird in a seasoned saltwater solution before cooking. This transfers flavors and moisture directly into the meat.

Kit includes:

  • Turkey Cannon
  • Heavy duty brine bag
  • Citrus and herb savory brine mix
  • Finish seasoning
  • Cooking guide and recipes

Ingredients: salt, sugar, spices, dried onion, dried orange peel, dried lemon peel, dried garlic, orange juice powder, cornstarch, soybean oil, natural flavor, corn oil, lemon oil, (Brine and seasoning mixed and packaged in the USA)


  • The best way to roast turkey or chicken.
  • Roasts faster than traditional methods.
  • Infuses moisture and flavor
  • All natural
  • Works great with chickens as small as 4 lbs. and turkeys as big as 20 bls.
  • No MSG
  • Gluten free