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  1. Primus Easy Light : Globe For EasylightItem #: 319328

    Price: $10.99

    Replacement glass globe for EasyLight Lantern. Learn More

  2. Primus ErgoPump For Omni/Multi-Fuel StoveItem #: 319338

    Price: $57.95

    Fuel pump 732231 for OmniLite Ti, OmniFuel, MultiFuel, EtaPower MF and Gravity MF. Learn More

  3. Primus Polaris LanternItem #: 319283

    Price: $48.95

    Lantern with ‘natural light’b> A LED lantern with ‘natural light’ instead of the cold light produced by traditional LED lanterns. The beam can be adjusted at two different levels and it emits light evenly around the whole o... Learn More

  4. Primus Micron Lantern w/ Glass GlobeItem #: 319655

    Price: $74.99

    A Brighter Future Compact, lightweight, and robust, the MicronLantern provies warmth and light when a small footprint is key. Available in two versions, the stainless mesh is more durable, whereas the glass version provides a more powerful light. Br... Learn More

  5. Primus Classic Trail StoveItem #: 319309

    List Price: $31.00

    Price: $29.99

    You Save: $1.01 (3%)

    ClassicTrail is a simple, durable and classic outdoor stove for those who wish to enjoy good food in the great outdoors. A robust design and a great value. The crosswise pot support acts as a built-in windscreen that makes cooking both fast and relia... Learn More

  6. Primus Wind Screen/Heat ReflectorItem #: 319319

    Price: $15.95

    PRIMUS Windscreen and Heat Reflector Set For OmniFuel, MultiFuel, Gravity, VariFuel, EasyFuel and ExpressSpider/Land stoves. Increases  heat output and shortens cooking time. The aluminium heat reflector focuses heat on the pot and preheating co... Learn More

  7. Primus LED Camp Lantern MiniItem #: 319280

    Price: $19.95

    Portable camping lanterns for all occasions.Sturdy camping lanterns in three sizes providing excellent lighting for cooking, map-reading, and hanging around camp. The LEDs run on 3 AAA-size batteries. A built-in reflector helps to spread the light an... Learn More

  8. Primus TechnoTrail StoveItem #: 300275

    List Price: $60.00

    Price: $52.95

    You Save: $7.05 (12%)

    Compact and practical outdoor stove TechnoTrail is a convenient and practical stove with gripping pot supports that keep pots in place, even if they are on an uneven surface. It is perfect for small groups of 1-3 people. The pot supports can be folde... Learn More

  9. Primus Fuel Pump Maintenance KitItem #: 319325

    Price: $24.95

    For OmniFuel, MultiFuel and VariFuel. Spare parts for Primus fuel pumps. Learn More

  10. Primus Polaris XL LanternItem #: 319284

    Price: $79.95

    Robust LED lantern. A robust LED lantern with an adjustable beam at five different levels, making it perfect for all occasions, from map reading and cooking, to spending time in or outside the tent. It has a carabiner hook at the top, so it can sit o... Learn More

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Items 1-10 of 17

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