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Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven

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Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven

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Product Review (submitted on January 6, 2016):
The oven is great, but the top burners are too weak (5000 btu). I used at 6000' (Tahoe) w/ 40degree mornings and it took a long time to boil water. For simple simmering and warming they are fine, but fast hot frying or boiling may be challenging. _x000D_
For the oven, I found that the vent in back may be too big (let's out too much hot air), and so I put a piece of foil in there. I kept a constant 375 degree oven. Without the foil, I found more uneven temperatures inside (I measured w/ thermomoter)._x000D_
When cold, the oven control (on mine) has an issue when starting. After lighting, if you immediately let go of the knob (push to start), the burner goes out. Rather, one must hold the knob in for 30 or so seconds, then let go and burner will stay on._x000D_
On a hot day at home, I found that the oven became too hot even on lowest flame setting. It would be nice if flame could go lower. I simply cracked the door (and kept vent clear/open on back)._x000D_
Maybe what it needs is an adjustable vent to compensate for external temperatures..._x000D_
We made bread and cookies - we were the envy of the campground. Also nice for rewarming foods. _x000D_
I DO recommend this product. I just wish top burners stronger. (We used another stove for those needs.) 4 stars for oven (lighting issue, temp control/vent) but works nice otherwise; 2 stars for weak top burners. 3 stars overall._x000D_
(sidenote: the shiny chrome fooled my friend, he thought it was a fancy Italian espresso machine!)

Pros: Easy Setup, Easy to Clean
Cons: Difficult to Use

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