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Camp Chef Explorer Double Burner Stove

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Camp Chef Explorer Double Burner Stove

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Product Review (submitted on January 6, 2016):
I bought this two-burner stove based on reviews that it produced enough cooking heat, and that it had two burners - made of cast iron. I only needed one burner for cooking. I already had a similar one-burner unit, but I ordered this two-burner setup because I wanted the extra working space the second burner provides. The burners are easy enough to light manually with a long lighter, but I installed the spark igniter. The spark igniter was tricky to figure out, and did not work on my first two attempts to position the electrode, but I finally positioned the electrode directly *above* one of the gas ports, in the gas stream, about 3/16" above the opening, in the 'Y' section of the burner, and it works very nicely there.

The iron burners in this unit are very fine. It appears that they are investment cast, which means good surface finish and excellent dimensional precision. And of course, if you know about furnace furniture, you will know that gray iron is the material of choice with regard to resistance to thermal fatigue.

The uniform gas flow that the burners exhibit is excellent, and the burners afford a range of heat that is the right amount for cooking meals. The burners themselves should last lifetimes, particularly if protected from the elements. I keep mine indoors, and sometimes (particularly in the winter) may cook indoors, which the instructions forbid. The instructions also say to use the unit only with the attached legs.

Some have made disparaging remarks about the adjustment knobs on the front of the unit where they are exposed to cooking splatters, and the positioning of the propane tank. This does not have to be a problem. The wind shield can be placed on the *front* of the unit to protect both the tank and flame adjustment knobs. You can stand at the rear of the unit to cook. (The food will not know the difference.)

This is one of the best propane stoves on the market based on the quality of the iron burners alone. The air intake adjusters are very well made also. The booklet even explains about the color of flame for best heat adjustment. I am very happy with this stove. I am not a paid endorser or related to the company or product in any way. And I am actually only assuming that the burners are made of gray iron rather than ductile iron. So correct me if I am wrong...
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