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Expedition 3X Triple Burner Stove (with Griddle)

Expedition 3X Triple Burner Stove (with Griddle)

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Model Number: TB90LWG

Camp Chef's Expedition 3X stove comes with a three-sided windscreen, paper towel holder, tool hook, and a pre-seasoned griddle that's ready for cooking right out of the box. This is the kit you need to get your outdoor kitchen started today.
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MSRP: $396.00

Product Rating

  • Great design and well built


    This stove is a solid design that's put together very well. A lot of thought went into the design and a lot of care went into its assembly. Great heat output on high. Lowest setting is still a bit ... Show More.high for simmering, but not excessive._x000D_ _x000D_ The large heavy griddle that came with the stove is excellent. Heats evenly with the flame spreader. Less even without the flame spreader._x000D_ _x000D_ I've used it for cooking all sorts of stuff outdoors, including a meal for 50. Worth every dime I paid.


  • Great Product. Definately worth it!


    Was so excited to get this, I had to set it up and cook outdoors in the snow and below zero temperatures. Still had fun and loved it!


  • Built Tough


    I got the stove at a great special sale price which I could not pass up. With the griddle and other little accessories included, it looked like the best bargain out there. Very Heavy! and well built! ... Show More.I'm sure that this stove will be used at Cub Scout and Boy Scout camp outs for many many years to come. I recommend this unit for those who need to cook for a large group and can handle it's weight. It will need a very heavy duty storage bag for safe transporting and storage.

    Cubmaster Steve


Product Details

Complete your outdoor kitchen with Camp Chef's Expedition 3X and all of its accessories. This stove features three 30,000 BTU burners, each one three times more powerful than your kitchen stovetop. With so much heat and cooking space, you can make everything from stir fry to steaks. Best of all, the Expedition 3X comes with a pre-seasoned griddle that’s ready for cooking right out of the box. The 16” x 24” griddle is designed to fit over two burners, so you can mix and match with any of Camp Chef’s other 16” Cooking System accessories. A three-sided windscreen and matchless ignition system make for easy outdoor cooking in any conditions; a paper towel holder and tool hook hold all of your cleaning supplies and utensils. The Expedition 3X is the whole package. If you’re looking to get cooking this weekend, purchase your very own Expedition 3X today.



  • Three 30,000 BTU burners
  • Includes True Seasoned Professional Flat Top Griddle (16" x 24")
  • Includes paper towel holder
  • Includes utensil holder
  • Three-sided wind screen
  • Burner housing limits hot/cold spots and gives extra wind protection
  • Convenient cooking height
  • Regulator and 3 ft. hose included
  • Fully adjustable heat-control dials

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

  • Total Output: 90,000 BTU
  • Cooking Area: 16" x 38" (608 sq in.)
  • Cooking Height: 30"
  • Weight: 47 lbs without griddle/77 lbs with the griddle
  • Griddle Dimensions: 18" x 24"
  • Griddle Cooking Surface: 16" x 24"(384 sq. in.)
  • Griddle Weight: 28 lbs.

What's in the Box

What's in the Box

  • Expedition 3X Stove
  • Windscreen
  • 4 removable legs
  • Hose with Regulator
  • 16"x 24" Steel Griddle
  • Wire Grease Cup Holder
  • Paper Towel Holder
  • 5 Hook Utensil Hanger


Customer Reviews 67 item(s)

Great design and well built
This stove is a solid design that's put together very well. A lot of thought went into the design and a lot of care went into its assembly. Great heat output on high. Lowest setting is still a bit high for simmering, but not excessive._x000D_
The large heavy griddle that came with the stove is excellent. Heats evenly with the flame spreader. Less even without the flame spreader._x000D_
I've used it for cooking all sorts of stuff outdoors, including a meal for 50. Worth every dime I paid.
Review by KenV / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Great Product. Definately worth it!
Was so excited to get this, I had to set it up and cook outdoors in the snow and below zero temperatures. Still had fun and loved it!
Review by Corey / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Built Tough
I got the stove at a great special sale price which I could not pass up. With the griddle and other little accessories included, it looked like the best bargain out there. Very Heavy! and well built! I'm sure that this stove will be used at Cub Scout and Boy Scout camp outs for many many years to come. I recommend this unit for those who need to cook for a large group and can handle it's weight. It will need a very heavy duty storage bag for safe transporting and storage.
Review by Cubmaster Steve / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Who could ask for anything more
I've had this rig for about 8 months now and find it hard to come with a reason to not take it with me when Im going on a hunting or camping trip. I have a double burner griddle and added the additional single burner giddle. This created the perfect setup in my opinion. It allows you to have full side to side griddle surface or you can remove one side or the other to gain access to the burners while still griddling away. I bought this originally because I was tired of it taking over an hour and messing up several skillets plus the electric skillet to cook saturday morning breakfast for my family. The two burner griddle allows you to cook a full package of bacon all at once (AWESOME!). With the bacon finished and the grease still lingering pile on the hashbrowns while the sausage cooks on the single burner griddle. As the hashbrowns and sausage come off the eggs and pancakes start going down. Badda bing you are finished! Hosting a pancake breakfast fund raiser with this thing is not a problem. I have cooked everything on this rig from burgers and split hot dogs, fajitas (great for cooking/warming tortillas), grilled cheese sandwiches (everyone gets one while the cheese is still hot) to spagetti, green beans and garlic toast. I have this rig setup on my porch and prefer it over my electic flat top range in the kitchen. The heat is far more consistent than the range and there is alot more of it. I have had this camping in the mountains, at the lake for a family reunion, at the state parks camping with freinds, hunting in the high plains grasslands where a ground fire is out of the question, down at the river cooking for the crew and it has never let me down. The only thing that I will be modifying are the legs. Im going to slip on a section of pipe over the legs with tension bolt, this should allow me to adjust the height of each leg to get everything level. In the mountains finding a level spot was not an option. Had to dig holes for the back legs to fit into and put the front legs on rocks to get it level. I recommend this rig to everyone. I have a friend that got one for christmas and I helped my mom order one for my dad for christmas. I have an uncle that keeps slobbering on mine everytime he sees it, I wouldn't be shocked it he got one too. One last note. I noticed on the single griddles coming out now that they have a flame tamer welded to the under side of the griddle so no need to order 3 flame tamers if that feature stays the same. If you are using the griddles, flame tamers are a must buy. HOT SPOTS are not your friend, get the tamers. COOK ON! IM OUT!
Review by they call me "cookie" / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
excellent purchase
I cook for three other RV's as we camp at NASCAR races and this grill, along with the 36" griddle and grill box works out perfect.
Review by Buck / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Great buy
primary use will be for my personal backyard eats, but it will be used for chruch cookouts and my Boy Scout Troop fall cookout. The grille was the main driving factor for me be the stove as a whole is awesome. do your self a favor and order the carrying case for both the stove and the grille, make carrying it and bug,dust free storage easy.
Review by jt_txus / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
This stove is the best!
Great to set up at the campsite on a Friday and cook for any amount of people..easy to tear down on Sunday
Review by Steve the RVer / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Great stove. We love it
I am planning to use this to cook large meal outside at home. Burners are very large and you can cook food in no time
Review by San Mathur / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
A great Stove
I had a 2 burner camp chef stove (SOC-60)for over 10 years and didn't really use it much until I purchased the 2 burner griddle for it. Then I discovered that I could cook practically anything on that griddle and I did! When I saw that Camp Chef came out with a 3-burner stove (the Expedition 3X) that included the 2 burner griddle, I bought it right away and have loved it since the first day I got it. I like the fact that it has a 2 burner griddle and that leaves one burner open for cooking something in a pot at the same time I cook on the griddle. I use this stove extensively for College football game tailgating and it performs well and has never let me down. You make great products! In fact, I also have the camp oven too...and like that just as much. As great as the Expedition is, I feel you can improve it somewhat. Here are my suggestions:_x000D_
1. I feel the legs are a little bit too short. They could be about 6 inches higher for my comfort level._x000D_
2. The wind screen has a hole in it so that the large leg retaining bolt can pass through it to secure it and the legs to the bottom side. I feel this hole should be slotted instead so that the wind screen and legs can be removed without removing the retaining bolt all the way and possibly getting lost._x000D_
3. This stove needs side shelf' fact I did buy 2 for mine and love them. They also serve as a nice cover for the burner area. I feel These should be included with the stove._x000D_
4. This stove needs a more robust carrying case than the optional Fabric/Canvas one you have available as an accessory. Mine is already wearing holes in it where the leg tips are. Something made of a lightweight wood or metal to fully protect the stove when it is loaded and unloaded from the back of a truck.
Review by olebellow / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
A must have!!! Best investment ever!!
We went camping with a friend who had one and I fell in LOVE with it. I immediately came home and ordered one. We took it to the desert for Thanksgiving weekend it was a hit with all our friends. Wei were able to handle all our cooking needs. We fed between 8-10 people at every meal & all done on this stove. We also bought the BBQ box which I highly recommend!! I am thrilled with it!!!! One of our friends have now purchased one and several others have asked where they can get one!
Review by Kbodo / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
very good stove
use to can. grill grids could be closer together. stove is just what i wanted to keep mess and heat outside. bought the 3 burner fo the larger cooking space, works really well for me. shipped quickly.
Review by old man / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Use this for family car camping. Its a great stove with a ton of power to boil the coffee or heat the dish water fast. its got a lot of space and is easy to cook with - overall its a good stove for car camping but a family of four could easily get by with the 2 burner - I overbought a bit. The one downside of this stove is it really doesn't do low temperature very well. Its very hard to saute anything because those 20,000BTU burners just put too much heat out, even at low.
Review by HC / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Buy it!
We used a friends while camping and had to buy our own! We adapted the gas line to hook up to our patio gas feed. We use it weekly to cook out doors when the weather is hot.
Review by Kris' out door kitchen / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Camp Cook's best friend
I used this to cook for a high school group of about 25 camping for about a week. Between this stove and my dutch ovens they were very well fed. I did not have time to try it out ahead of time and the kids set it up for me, so that may have something to do with it being hard to light. Mostly I just used matches instead of the 'Matchless Ignition." I haven't given up on it and will try and work with it when I clean it up for storage. Other than that, it was a dream. Grill heats very evenly and the burners boil large pots of water quickly - even at altitude. I'm considering adding the char broiler for next year.
Review by Cate / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Just had to buy another one
I bought a 2 burner one of these 11 years ago and have used it so much the top grating is starting to crack and warp. Upgraded to the 3 burner and It has not let me down. I am a member of a fire deparment and use it for fund raisers and department functions. easy to transport, easy to use and plenty of heat. When this one wears out in 11 years, you can bet i will be getting another one. Awesome.
Review by Jim / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Great buy
Great for camping
Review by Ruly the camper / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Happy camper
Throw alot of heat...griddle is amazing...heavy is like cooking on a diners grill
Review by Joey Bee / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Perfect Camp Stove
I give this as a gift to my husband who in turn loves it when we make our own steak and cheese subs. The griddle was superb for this, large enough to cook for 2 families.
Review by luv2camp / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Great Value, Everything We Want
We just bought this unit today for a great price. Assembly was a cinch, and the quality of the product and sturdiness of the legs are exceptional. We grilled steaks and veggies while boiling water for potatoes, and the unit worked as advertised. We're so enthused about this product, we bought several accessories (barbecue grill box, folding slide shelf set, and hot water pot). Can't wait for them to arrive! We will be canning with this unit in the fall because it can put out the heat!
Review by Dan / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Great for Boy Scout Troop
Purchased the stove for my Boy Scout Troop. Very pleased with the stove. Easy to assemble. Boils water quickly. The griddle has a large cooking surface and still leaves one burner open. Its easy to clean. _x000D_
The only disappointment is the durability of the bag.
Review by KMS / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
I will buy this stove again
Cook for 25-40 people tailgating with double box and a pan. After 7 football and racing seasons, time for a new one. Will buy the same one. An excellent product.
Review by DB / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Good but bulky
We bought this for our cub scout Pack. So far, the only thing I have an issue with is that it is heavy and bulky.
Review by Hood / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
I would buy this product again
This is just what I wanted for camping and at home
Review by tim / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
We purchased 2 of these wonderful stoves for our Very Active and Large Cub Scout Pack. We do Pack cooking when we camp and find ourselves cooking for between 80 and 200 people on any given camp out. The large number of attendees makes having real heavy duty high heat equipment. Having 2 of these amazing stoves has made the chore of cooking for 200 a breeze!
Review by Cub Master Bryan / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Great Product. I Reccomend it Highly!
I used it at Tailgates to warm up Chili; Cook Steak Sandwiches on the Griddle and Bacon and Egg Sandwiches. I also used it to fry my last harvest this year from the garden. We fried the eggplants and peppers. It was very easy to control the heat which caused the oil to never burn and it never blackened the bottom of the pan.
Review by G / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Expedition 3X cooks for a crowd
Bought this for YMCA Adveutre Guides and Adventure Princess campouts. With the griddle and a grill box, we are able to feed our group (up to 30) smooth and easy any weekend. I can also take it to the pool for weekend burgers or get it to the parking lot to tailgate. We love it!
Review by AnyBodyCanTri / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Great Camping Stove
Our Cubscout pack bought this as a Second Stove to add to our pack equiptment & it is perfect for group camping, Easy setup, makes cooking for large groups a breeze.
Review by Scouter / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Good for Groups
Worked great for backyard cookout. Simple set up and sturdy construction; perfect for car camping where weight and cargo space are not an issue.
Review by Backyard Camper / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Built to last
I love this stove. We can cook anything from eggs to brats with the flat top grilling pan and portable grill top. Awesome.....Can't wait until it's time for canning....
Review by Lovemykids / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Wow, what a stove!
Wow, _x000D_
I first saw this stove up in Colorado. I was simi interested in the stove at first view, then I saw it in action and was hooked. I soon ordered one with dutch oven, defusers, 2 burner pro grill, bags, and cover. I cooked for 14 people 2 meals a day for 4 days. How easy this stove made everything. I cant wait to use it again.
Review by Flyfishn Camper / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Bought a second stove for groups
I bought a 2nd stove so i can use griddle,bbq box, and still have 1 open burner on each unit, for coffee pot or kettle, sauce pan or what have you. Feeding large groups as i do, these stoves can not be beat.
Review by Frenchy / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
great product
We do a lot of outdoor cooking/grilling in the Spring, Summer and Fall. This cook stove is great as we can fry bacon on the griddle for BLT's and cook the Sweet Corn in a kettle on the 3rd burner ..temp control lets us cook a lot of different things at one time..Really have enjoyed it..
Review by Bruce / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Camp cooking made easy
The 3x with griddle and BBQ box make for easy cooking at home or out camping. Wonderful product that will last many a season.
Review by Frenchy / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Best thing ever
Should have bought one years ago makes cooking while camping a lot easier.
Review by Buford / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Dutch Oven braising
So far i have used it on my patio and i really like the heat control, especially on low.I braised beef stew for 2 hours without sticking on the bottom._x000D_
I also like the spark start
Review by Cals cookin' / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Great camp stove and grill and BBQ grill
Cooking crab, meals canning---you name it it works great
Review by cactus[*] / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Great for camping with the family
I have had this stove for over four years and use it on every camping trip. We take at least one long 10 day camping trip each year and do 90% of our cooking on this stove. It has performed great. The only drawback is the screws to secure the legs, those rusted solid after the first year. I still can use it the legs just aren't secured to the stove. The cast iron griddle that comes with it is worth its weight in gold. We cook the best over easy eggs we have ever done with this griddle along with everything else for breakfast at the same time. I paid $[$]for this unit years ago, this is a great price.
Review by F1 ciderman / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Expedition 3x is Great!
We use the EXP3x outdoors at my dad's house for our families monthly breakfast. It's large enough to feed a load of us and cook multiple things. The grill is heavy, but sturdy and is great with pancakes to burgers. We love it and it was a great buy.
Review by locajeep / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Fast and quick delivery
Bought this stove on a combo.Great price great for cooking with large groups.waiting for the grill box to go on sale.If all you cook on is cast iron would recommend highly.Fast and quick on delivery
Review by rich / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Welcome addtion to our cooking equipment
I love this stove. Our family likes to camp out and we cook alot with Dutch ovens. This is a welcome addition to our cooking equipment as it has the heat to get it done. The burners are large and there is enough room on the stove top to use large pots or pans to cook. It also assembles and pack back up easily.
Review by Mike Taylor / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Great value
Great value. I would have expected a three burner stove package of this quality to cost a lot more.
Review by Josh / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
So glad and very happy
hi, I'm Christopher from Port Saint Lucie Florida. I am so glad and very happy because my Expedition 3x triple burner stove arrived last Saturday. At last i can cook outside our new house. I purchase this Expedition 3x triple burner stove because, I really don''t wanna cook inside the house especially here in Florida, I hate to cook with an electric stove.... its very time consuming and the food taste different at all, and besides that i don't wanna cook inside the house especially when you fry fish or anything, even if you have the vents on, same thing all the house smells oil or fishy for a couple of days. I do really love cooking with gas so thanks to the one who invented and the one selling this very portable product you can cook and bring it everywhere, camping, going fishing or even in the beach. I am very pleased about this product and am recommending this to those people who loves to cook and the ones whose been cooking for so long inside their houses with those electric top stoves. try purchasing this its really really good and to those people who wants to save money on their electric bills monthly.
Review by Christopher / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Great stove - Fast shipping
bought the combo, great stove, fast shipping. A+.
Review by Kevin / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Portable - Lightweight - Powerful
I saw my first glimpse of camp chef stove at a church social. I knew i had to purchase one from that moment. I purchased mine at Costco for 194 dollars! Yes, its the Expedition3X triple burner model. Absolute excellent unit; portable,light weight, and powerful! If indeed you plan on using three burners you should have a full 20# tank. Also trying to use two or three burners should be done on medium to heat and low to cook. the griddle will warp if overheated!! warm griddle on medium,then turn down to LOW. Burners are High output meaning this is NOT an ordinary grill. Costco's model is actually the Tahoe model. Camp Chef, I assure you doesn't alter or compromise quality. Common sense goes a long way.
Review by rich quilling / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Easy to break down and transport
Purchased this stove a year ago - Works fantastic, easy to breakdown and transport!
Review by Eric Baucom / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Take it from an old guy - This is quality craftsmanship
I am a 72-year old guy from mesquite campfire/pump- up Coleman lantern/stove era. The Expedition 3x three burner with 2 burner griddlle is EXCELLENT, repeat, EXCELLENT camp/patio equipment. Purchased from Costco for $180.00 bucks or so WITH the two burner griddle I feel like I stole this one from them. A few really old pals and I have used a previously purchased 3x stove/griddle in a remote, very remote deer/fish camp on the Brazos River in north/central Texas for many camps for the past 3 or four years. Many hearty meals and gallons of coffee have been enjoyed in beautiful and trying weather thanks to this durablle quality product. This one purchased just two days ago because I could not pass up such a neat deal when I saw it in the store, was assembled in about 10 minutes. I mean.... plug in four legs and connect a gas line ???. The burners, grate and ignition system were already installed. Simple, simple, simple. I washed off the new pre-seasoned griddle per instructions (5 Minutes, warm water/soap/garden hose), fired up the new equipment, easy adjustment for burner flame, and then cooked a few test strips of bacon and a couple of eggs. That was about 2Pm. Now 10:30 Pm and family Border Collie just announced a possom on the back yard fence so guess his late breakfast of bacon and eggs did him no harm. This is great equipment folks, simple instructions and QUALITY Craftmanship. Take it from an old guy who has used it ALL.
Ol' Ray
Austin, Texas

Purchased this stove a year ago - Works fantastic, easy to breakdown and transport!
Review by Ol' Ray / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Couldn't be happier
We got this grill right before camping season last summer. I kept telling my husband that we didn't need it and it was just one more thing to lug around but he got it anyway and I am so glad he didn't listen to me. This grill saved me hours of cleanup, no pots and plans. It's very durable, functional and folds up back into the box for safe storage. We used it all summer and couldn't be happier with it. My brother liked it so much that now he's getting one too.
Review by William R. Summers / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
I use this for everything
I really wanted to buy the 2 burner unit that folds up,$149 lowest price. I paid $20 more for this setup at Costco.
I cook, grill, and dutch oven as often as I can for family and on camping trips. The griddle heats evenly, and the grill box I purchased cooks food better than my expensive backyard grill.
I use it to cook bean dishes and soups in dutch ovens.
It seems to be much more wind resistant than the older models.
It is a heavy system, but unlike a backyard BBQ grill, you can fold it up and take it with you.
Review by Kristi Horwedel / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
No one will ever go hungry
I bought this grill about 6 years ago. My motto has been and will always be no one will ever go hungry as long as i have my camp chef stove. It is easy to set up and durable. It still looks almost as good as when I first bought it. It even made it through a weeks worth of rain last year and it still working great.
thank you guys, all i ever get is praise from my fellow campers.
Review by Tim Eaton / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
8 years - no problems at all
I have a catering company and we have used these camp chef triple burner cookers for 8 years now. They are great for all types of cooking and very reliable have had no problems at all. Great grills thank you
Review by ROBERT MCKIDDIE / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
A great buy!!
I bought on of these for our Scout Troop. It is by far the greatest outdoor cooking device I have ever seen or had the pleasure to use. It is great for cooking with pots and pans, and the griddle is unsurpassed for pancakes, steaks, grilled name it and you can cook like a pro on it. The griddle cleans up with just water and a quick wipe.

A great buy!

Such a great buy, I bought another one for home use.
Review by T.J.Leggett / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
I am returning mine
I have sent messages to Camp Chef with no return. I read another person on here had the same problem I did. The flame will go too low to cook if you try to use all three burners. The flam will go into the tube by the knob; this is not safe at all. I will be returning mine to costco too. Too bad I bough the extra grill case, and the click ignition. Another thing too, is that the click ignition is terrible. They try to make a one size fits all, that does not look professional, nor does it work well.
Review by John / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Good quality - Great value
Good quality stove and a great value for the money. It would have been nice to have the ignitors included with it but for now I am lighting it with one of those long butane lighters. The burners are huge and can put out a lot more BTU than my Colman stove but they also can be turned down quite low. The griddle is fantastic: the pancakes stuck a little bit the first couple of uses but I'm very happy with how quickly it seasoned up. I'm picky about quality construction and this stove didn't let me down.
I bought mine at Costco about 6 months ago but it is cheaper here now.
Review by Brian Kelm / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Sets up in just minutes
I just got my expedition 3X delivered this afternoon, and had it setup and cooking in just minutes!!!
I got mine @, and they have all kinds of great accessories! The Grill Guage is a must for anyone that uses a 20# tank! I will certainly will be ordering a couple more of these for gifts! Can't wait to go camping now! And breakfasts are a lot easier now!
Review by Ryan / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Great but lacks ignitors
The only reason for not giving 5 stars is due to the lack of ignitors for the burners. Lost the hair on my nuckles. I have since purchased and installed them and am getting ready for my next camping trip. Great stove, I found it to be sturdy, up to the demands I placed upon it and easy to clean. The 2 burner grill is perfect for me.
Review by saji thomas / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Absolutely perfect
I have a large family and the griddle was absolutely perfect at breakfast, trying to get pancakes or eggs and sausage for 8 kids and any family that was within distance of the smell ready can be a challenge. My griddle was perfect. could cook so much food at tone time, I'm gonna buy the grill box and storage bag this year.
Review by Allen L. / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Review by Rebecca Pauli / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Best price
I received my grill as a gift from my father-in-law in April of 2006. I used the grill that spring, summer, fall and winter. My buddies and I used the grill all season long (Go Seahawks!). We have cooked everything you can imagine on this grill. I have continued using my grill this year as well. The grill is powerful and portable, the perfect combination for a tailgater. The guys and I are ready for the 2007-08 season. We look forward to all of our future grilling. CAST IRON IS THE BEST!!! This website has awesome cast iron cookware and accessories with the best pricing I've seen anywhere.
Review by John Rosica / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Goes well with my 3 smokers
I love to grill and this camp stove is an excellent addition to my outdoor kitchen. It was a life saver when I catered for an airsoft game that was held on a Saturday and Sunday. Goes well with my 3 smokers.
Review by Brodie VanNoy / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
The grille is awesome, got mine at costco, the expedtion 3x, the only thing i was wondering is will the single grill fit on there along with the skillet, or is it one or the other?
Review by Ignacio / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Very pleased with performance and durability.
I bought one of these to use when our SAR Team is on a mission or when family camping. I liked it so much I suggested the team purchase their own. I also purchased two griddles to use with the stoves. The SAR team operates a concession stand for a local sporting event 2x's per year. Attendance is approx. 1500-2000 people. We have used these stoves for two events and cooked both breakfast meals and then dinner meals of hamburgers and hotdogs. The small size is just right for carrying in our supply trailer. I guess that in the last year we have cooked over a thousand hot dogs and hamburgers to perfection. I'd highly recommend the combination of 3-burner and BBQ grill. Very pleased with performance and durability.
Review by Richard / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Fantastic and easy
Purchased this unit for my motor coach camping, and found out that this is great for everyday cooking out. I use it in conjunction with my bar-b-que grill and its like having a portable outdoor kitchen. Cooking on it is fantastic and easy.
Review by Frank / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Outdoor cooking made easy!
I have a friend who has the same grill and we both love them! If you have not cooked on a griddle, it takes a few times to get used to the heat, specifically with cuts of meat but for other items, you can't get a better stove.

I searched several sites and Outdoor Cooking has the absolute best prices and great customer servic.e. Most sites do not include the griddle in the price so that was important in my purchase decision. And a simple question abut cleaing the griddle was answered within a day.

Great product, and great store!
Review by FireTaz / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Bought 2
We have one at our father's house for those regular get togethers and we have another for those large family (or even small) camping trips we take. I'm sure more family members will be purchasing some soon.
Review by LocaJeep / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Good but short in the materials engineering dept
Bought it to use for BBQ and camping. Being a engineer, First thing that we noticed is that the burner holder was made of galvized sheet metal. Changed this to Stainless steel and put some vent slots on the inside of the burners. Made a great heat control improvement and helped with the cleanup of spilled items down into the burner area.

We first use the BBQ on camp outs to keep the pancakes, eggs, bacon warm till everything its cooked on the grill so that its all served at once.

Then we built our own oven to go on top of the stove as camp chef doesn't seem to make one. We used the coleman port oven for a while but, needed a bigger one for the masses'. Didn't want to get second stand alone one. Should be an accessory item for the 3x.

Top grate appeared to be chrome plated steel. Changed this also to Stainless steel and while it changed to a blue condition, we don't seem to get rusting when its put away.

Next mod was to put a quick connect fitting on the hose hook up at the stove. Now we don't need to have to use a wrench to attach or detach when setting up.

Next up we found they need more storage area for pots/pans/ accessories and/or clean up. So we had a two level storage rack that fit into the other holes in the legs under the stove made up. Much better idea. They should sell those too for the camp kitchen

Only other item that we made for the stove is a side fold up table. Works great for prepair'n food or setting it off to serve or cool. We tried the sheet metal side wings that they sell for the stove but, found that they just didn't have the load rating (i.e dutch oven weight) and went to the side table at the same height using the same construction as the stove, but, with folding legs. Much better idea for the camp kitchen addition. More useful and stronger to hold item in a serving line. .

We bought a Boy Scout Kamp kitchen that they made as project fund raser' which has all the needed cooking/serving - plates, silverware storage area. Now we can have a complete camp kitchen that is easy to set up and use.

Review by GMAs / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
great product, fast shipping, great company
I have done three order with outdoor cooking. Have to say they are great. I have order from many companies and this one is the best. Fast shipping. Ordered completed quick. Everything in my order correct. As for the expedition the price on this site outstanding. I have not cooked on it but have to say it is a well built grill. The only thing I have to say is it is heavy. Needed a stove like this for camping with large group. I also ordered 6 other items for the grill and everything shipped at the same time. I was shocked. Other companies will split up shipments. Outdoor cooking please keep doing what your doing and I will be a loyal customer forever. Thank you.
Review by chris / (Posted on 1/6/2016)
WOW What a Stove!
Review by Anthony / (Posted on 1/6/2016)

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