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  • Why Should You Get a Pellet Grill?

    Outdoor cooking doesn’t have to be a seasonal activity—it can happen 365 days a year if you have the right gear. You need a cooker that can handle rain, snow, sun, and wind without flinching. Something that doesn’t require an entire afternoon for you to figure out all the bells and whistles. Something that cranks out incredible food as fast as you can eat it, whether you’re a professional chef or a total novice. Say hello to your new best friend: the SmokePro pellet grill.

    Carefree Cooking

    Maybe you’re a barbecue pit master—or maybe you’re not even sure how to sear a burger. The good news is that a Camp Chef pellet grill works like a dream no matter how experienced you are. Delicious, wood-fired food is available to anyone who turns it on.

    How is this possible?

    When you switch on a pellet grill, it begins feeding small hardwood pellets into a burn cup at its base. Smoke and heat rise from the burn cup, hitting a heat diffusor plate that radiates heat throughout the entire grill. Instead of a direct flame like you’ll find on other barbecue grills, a pellet grill cooks food with convection-style heat like your kitchen oven.

    All you need to do is set your desired temperature then leave the rest to the grill. A digital thermometer monitors the ambient temperature inside the grill and adjusts the speed and amount of pellets that are fed into the burn cup. A Camp Chef pellet grill will maintain a steady temperature with the optimum amount of smoke, all while you sit back and relax.


    Pellet grills typically include temperature settings from 160° F to over 400° F, giving you the option to cook a huge variety of foods. This isn’t just a grill for burgers, brats, and steak. It’s an oven for breads a pies, a smoker for ribs and jerky, a slow cooker for chuck roast and veggies, and more. With the right flavor of wood pellets and the right temperature setting, you can cook virtually anything on this bad boy.

    That’s what makes a pellet grill such a worthwhile investment. It’s truly an all-in-one product for your outdoor cooking on the back patio. Your only limitation is how much food you can eat at one time.

    Our Favorite Features

    The Camp Chef pellet grills we offer have an 18 lb. pellet hopper capacity, meaning you can get hours and hours of cook time without having to refill with more pellets. With 560 square inches of cooking surface you can easily fit plenty of pork butts, ribs, steaks, or whatever you’re cooking for a crowd. A meat probe thermometer makes it easy to check on your food throughout the cooking process without lifting the lid.

    But what we love most about the Camp Chef pellet grills is the Ash Cleanout system. If you’ve never tried to clean out a pellet grill, you should know it’s quite the project. First, you have to remove the racks, then the grease tray, then the heat diffuser plate. Next, you’ll need to roll a huge wet/dry vacuum out to the patio and suck up all the ash left in the grill. If you don’t clean out the ash, you run the risk of it interfering with your grill’s performance or finding it on your food.

    Unless you’ve got the Ash Cleanout system on your pellet grill. Pull a lever, dump the ash from the burn cup into a removable ash cup, and you’re done. The hot rod in the burn cup will be able to keep the heat, and none of the ash will be blowing around the grill chamber. You can limit the deep cleaning to once a month or less, and keep the cookouts going.

    SmokePro is For You

    All in all, Camp Chef pellet grills are perfect for the novice chef as well as the seasoned meat smoker. It’s a foolproof way to cook up a meal you’re going to love, with no babysitting or stressing required. Get your pellet grill today, and keep the outdoor cooking alive all year long.

  • How to Save Oven Space on Thanksgiving

    When Thanksgiving week rolls around, oven space becomes a precious commodity. There’s never enough room, it seems, for that one last side dish or a tray of dinner rolls. Getting everything roasted and baked on time for the feast is like coordinating a complicated dance routine—if one dish gets out of step, it holds up everything else.

    So if you’re worried about fitting all the food in your oven this holiday, we have some good news: You don’t have to. We have three ways for you to save on oven space this Thanksgiving. Read on to find out more.

    Baking in the Smoke Vault 1. Cooler A more accurate word for a cooler might be an insulator. Whether you’re trying to keep things cold or hot, a cooler will maintain that temperature for a long time. A large cooler could be the perfect place to store your turkey after you’re finished smoking it, or even your pies as you wait for dessert. Either way, you won’t need to use your oven to keep things warm, and you’ll have plenty of more space to cook that last-minute green bean casserole.


    2. Smoke Vault That’s right—a Camp Chef Smoke Vault can do more than just smoke meat or cook jerky. It actually works quite well as an outdoor oven. The design of the vault is such that the hot air inside of it will circulate, cooking your food convection-style rather than with direct heat. That’s just like your oven at home. Depending on the outside weather, you could use your Smoke Vault to keep your side dishes warm or even bake a pie.

    But you don’t want your pies and breads to taste smoky. If you take some time to clean out any drippings on the bottom or sides of the vault, and If you remove the water tray and pellet tray, there won’t be any smoke during the cooking process.

      3. SmokePro Pellet Grill If you’re looking for the best way to save oven space this holiday season, a SmokePro Pellet Grill is your answer. Camp Chef’s digital temperature control system makes it so you can set your heat and let it be, just like your kitchen oven. There’s no babysitting or adjusting required—just baking.

    When you set your pellet grill to a higher temperature for baking, such as 350° F, your grill won’t produce very much smoke. Additionally, if you use Premium Hardwood Pellet flavors like Apple and Cherry, you won’t taste a harsh, smoky flavor either. In fact, the burning wood will complement your baked goods.

    Are you ready to celebrate Thanksgiving instead of stress about it? Try out one of our three space-saving plans above, and let us know how it goes.

    Two turkeys on a SmokePro pellet grill
  • Three Amazing Ways to Cook a Turkey

    Well it's that time of year again when everyone is trying their best to plan for Thanksgiving.

    Besides the usual worries of trying to bring together family and friends the next big issue is who is going to cook the turkey and how will it turn out. Let's face it, we've all seen the funny movie scenes and heard the horror stories of the best looking Turkey dish that fell short of expectations.

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