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Camp Chef Cast Iron Cleaner


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Smoked Buffalo Wings

By: Admin Jan 26, 2015

For any gathering, having finger food is a must. Keep your fingers busy and your mouth happy with this great tasting reicpe for Smoked Buffalo Wings.Ingredients:1/3 cup melted butter1/3 cup hot pepper sauce1/3 cup ketchup2 tablespoons honey12 wings (about 1 lb), tips removedDirections:Pre-heat your ...

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Smoked Jalapeno Poppers

By: Admin Jan 22, 2015

Having a recipe that is quick to make and doesn't take long to cook are two critical factors when an event approaches. This recipe aims to please. It is quick to make and has a realitively short cook time.Ingredients:12 fresh jalapeno peppers, halved legthwise, and seeded8 oz package of whipped crea...

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Smoked Braided Pork Loin

By: Admin Jan 07, 2015

Smoked pork for everyone with plenty of flavor. Ingredients:One 4-5 lb pork loinOlive OilFavorite Pork Rub1 wooden kabob skewer  Directions:Rinse off the pork loin in cold water then pat dry with paper towels.First, you're going to make two cuts running the length of the loin giving y...

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This special blend of all-natural oils and cleaning agents breakdown sugars and other food particles. The natural oils will not damage the finish of your cast iron cookware, it's safe to use on all seasoned and enamel pieces. For best results, follow up with some Camp Chef Cast Iron Conditioner to protect your iron with a fresh layer of seasoning.


  • Designed especially for use with cast iron
  • Breaks down food substances and releases them from cast iron
  • 100% all-natural ingredients
  • 6 oz. bottle