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Camp Chef

Camp Chef 5 Piece All Purpose Chef Set


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It's All About the Heat

By: Admin May 18, 2013

By: Guy P.Go ahead…”unburn” it. If it is undercooked…you can save it. Burn it, you can lie and call it “Cajun style” or you can scrape the toast. But beyond that…it’s over. Even or uneven heat, which is best? Well the answer is………it depends.Even heat is just that, one big ...

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Extreme Cooking

By: Admin Jan 25, 2013

 I don’t even know what Extreme Cooking means. Just thought I’d toss it out there, because everything seems to be EXTREME now days.  It was time to give a fairly new product a whirl. A home oven helps cookware perform. But what if your only heat source was bottom heat? And what if Moth...

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Pita Bread WW

By: Admin Aug 07, 2012

I’ve been trying to cook more with whole wheat (ie the giant skookie) and searched and searched for a pita bread recipe make with whole grain. I found it! Being made with whole wheat makes it a bit sweeter than traditional, but still really tasty and with a convenient pocket for all my Greek ...

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Cooking in the outdoors is easier when you have the right tools. The 5 piece all-purpose chef’s set keeps the most commonly used utensils organized and ready to go all in a convenient carry case. Great for camp, RV, tailgating, and home.


  • 7" Spatula with beveled edges for cutting and easy flipping
  • 7" hardened stainless-steel santoku knife
  • Heavy-duty tongs give better control of food while cooking
  • Flat nosed spoon excellent for dishing up meals, great for Dutch ovens
  • Durable carry case easily packs with you
  • Utensils made of stainless-steel and feature ergonomic handles