Twas the Night for Cooked Grouse

Christmas Grouse

Twas the night before Christmas and outside the house, Dad couldn’t stop cooking his favorite sage grouse. His Dutch oven was hung over the fire with care, And his stoves were covered with cast iron cookware.

He just couldn’t wait for the Christmas meal spread. Dad was craving his poultry before he got into bed. Despite Mom’s pleading to come in for some sleep, He froze on the porch while we all counted sheep.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, Dad ran out in front to see what was the matter. It was good ol’ St. Nick with his reindeer and sleigh, He said, “I smelled your cooking and headed this way.”

Even Santa enjoys a good meal cooked outdoors, They ate up the grouse cooked on Camp Chef Explorers. Ever since then no one questions what time, Dad chooses to cook grouse soaked in sweet lime.