Treat the Kids to One Final Summer Campout

Scavenger Hunt Checklist

As the summer rolls on we quickly realize that it will be coming to an end very soon.

Like most things, there is good and bad to come of this. On a good note, tailgating and hunting season will be in full swing very soon (I will be talking about that on another day). On the other hand, camp trips will be harder to take after the kids (and sometimes ourselves, as in my case) are headed back to school. As the number of available August weekends gets less and less, use this opportunity to take the kids, young or old, camping at least one more time this summer.

The feelings and atmosphere (cough, cough) of sitting around a campfire after a warm day of hiking or fishing cannot be recreated anywhere else. Food always smells and tastes better when it is cooked over an open flame or in a dutch oven. Stars are always more clear and plentiful when the glow of city lights are absent. It is almost like it is a rule of nature.

A favorite childhood pastime of mine was when my grandmother would send us grandkids on scavenger hunts on camp trips. We had a checklist (shiny rock, yellow flower, beetle, etc.) of items to find and without fail we would wander off into the trees or a grassy field trying to be the first one to find them all. I always loved the smells of the search. Thistles, trees, grass and the ever present freshness near the river would slow me down but it was worth it.

I will be camping this weekend for our final summer trip. We are going to keep it close by to save on gas. That is always nice except that I always seem to make up for the savings when I purchase the food. I almost view camping like it should be a gourmet eating experience. My wife is fine with that as long as I do the cooking, which for me is a pleasure. Enjoy all. Have a great weekend.