Tailgate Time


The term tailgating conjures up images of falling leaves, face masks and football.

That shouldn’t be all that surprising or uncommon but what it should bring to mind is times with family and friends and not necessarily all of them at football games.

Have you ever tailgated at one of your kids sporting event or, better yet, how about a friends wedding or neighborhood party? Tailgating has been hailed as “The Last Great American Neighborhood” and we couldn’t agree more. Its a place where we can just be ourselves, we are able to express who we are in the way we dress, some by the way they act and of course by what we cook.

If tailgating is something totally new to you there are a few things to start with. I like to prepare as much as possible before the big game at home, it makes things so much easier. There are many recipes out there that are really good for tailgates and are well suited to doing at home.

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Some Tailgating Essentials:

  • A portable, versatile cooker such as our Sport Grill
  • Large capacity cooler for storing food stuffs
  • Plenty of fresh water for drinking and cleaning
  • Hand soap and cleaning supplies
  • Trash Bags
  • Emergency Kit because you never know
  • Food preparation table or cutting board
  • Tent, Sunshade or Canopy
  • Warm weather proof clothes in case the weather changes
  • Cooking & Eating Utensils
  • Tables & Chairs
  • And a few games to keep everyone entertained until the big event