Storm Preparedness Tips

Fall and Winter storms can be scary and even damaging.

Make sure you are prepared for the worst with a storm survival kit in your house.Make sure you also take down your patio dining sets when the storm hits so that it doesn’t get blown to pieces or shattered. Here is a list of some of the things you should have to best prepare yourself for a storm.

Flashlight Better yet, not just one, but a few fully working led flashlights that won’t die on you and will last the whole night if needed. When a bad storm hits and the power goes out, you’ll be left in the dark if you don’t have some powered and ready flashlights to help you see and not knock over things or hurt yourself. Keep your flashlights in an easy to reach place for when the storm hits.

Candles Besides flashlights, candles can also be effective when a storm hits and knocks out your power so that you can set the candles down on a table so your family can try to pass the time and forget the storm by playing a game or eating a meal together. Some people find that when a storm knocks out the power and the candles come out, it gives the family a chance to spend some quality time together without the distractions of electronics and television and video games.

Sleeping bags If you’re got young kids, when a storm hits it can be frightening for them. Sometimes a child may feel more safe when a parent sleeps in their room so a sleeping bag can be a great thing to have handy for those intense lighting storms so you can just throw the bag on the floor and help your kid through the night by them knowing you are just an arms reach away.

Backup generator Lots of hardware stores sell affordable and compact backup generators that one can use to hook up and keep your refrigerator or computer power going for a little longer during a storm blackout. Shop around for a backup generator that fits the needs your house or business have.

Food & Water Storage Make sure you included a several days worth of food supplies and plenty of water storage. Prepackage meals that require nothing more than hot water to prepare are an easy way of storing food for an emergency. Be sure to rotate your stock occasionally as you don’t want to be eating things that are expired.

Medical Supplies No emergency kit would be complete without medical supplies. You can store bandages, pills in sealed containers or you can purchase any of a number of medical kits which come with a wide variety of supplies. Like food be sure to rotate through your medical supplies as they have expiration dates as well.