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Shish-Kabob Party

Tender chicken, juicy beef, crisp peppers, and ripe mango.

Really, what more do you need to start the weekend off right than enjoying this awesome mix of amazingly flavored food.I Cooked up these shish-kabobs in the backyard on Friday. Snapping a picture that turned out nice and colorful was the least I could do to share it.  These are being cooked on the Camp Chef

BB60X Grill Box coupled with the new Expedition 2X two burner stove. The combo of these two excellent pieces of cooking equipment is perfect for simple grilling.

All I did with these was add a little season salt and lightly sprinkled them with garlic powder. I couldn't get a "finished" picture of the kabobs because they got eaten up so fast. Try this out for yourself. It really will set your weekend off right.

Shish Kabobs on a BB60X


Looking for the Size of theon Oct 8, 2015 6:58 pm

Looking for the Size of the Cooking Surface
For the Expedition 2X

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