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Spring is officially here and for the first time in a while, we’re actually having spring like weather. With this spring weather comes all kinds of plans for getting out and enjoying the out-of-doors.

I’ve enjoyed being outside since I was younger. Growing up in a family that loved being outside made it easy. When I was 12 I joined the Boy Scouts of America and my love for the out-of-doors continued to grow. Being a scout taught me how to be a better citizen, to help those in need and certain skills (knot tying, basic first aid, basic survival skills, etc), that I still use to this day.

To show our support for all the different scouting programs around the world, OutdoorCooking.com offers a special discount to all those involved in scouting. It doesn’t matter if you’re a scout leader, a scout, or to which scouting organization you belong, just fill out the scout program form and we’ll get you registered. Once registered you’ll be able to enjoy a scout discount on just about everything on OutdoorCooking.com.

To sign up, just fill out the registration form (click here). We’ll then send you instructions on how to take advantage of the program.

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  1. Asst. Scoutmaster Troop 767, Broomfield, Colorado. We are huge into dutch oven cooking and hold a dessert compition every year at a camporee we host with 9 other troops. We are always looking for those special deals and receipes.

    Thank you

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