New Products for Spring 2011

This Spring we have added several new items to our store that are sure to bring your cooking skills to the next level.

The items below have recently been added. Click on the links to view more information about each product.

Camp Chef Ranger II Blind Stove Camp Chef Ranger III Blind Stove 

There will come a time when your need for portability will match your need for cooking power. In the past this choice has forced you to choose between the two. With the NEW Ranger stoves those days are long gone. Now you can have portability and power in the same stove. These stoves are perfect for camping, hunting, or just as another cooking option on your back patio.

Dutch Oven Bag Camp Chef Dutch Oven Carry Bag 10″ Camp Chef Dutch Oven Carry Bag 12″ Camp Chef Dutch Oven Carry Bag 14″  The Camp Chef Dutch oven carry bag is the perfect way to transport and store your Dutch oven. The carry bags are sized just right to hold nearly every model of dutch oven, no matter the brand. Each carry bag is lightly padded to protect your Dutch oven.

Camp Chef Aluminum Pots & Baskets Camp Chef 24 Quart Aluminum Pot & Basket Camp Chef 32 Quart Aluminum Pot & Basket Camp Chef 42 Quart Aluminum Pot & Basket  Camp Chef Aluminum pots are the perfect accessory for your Camp Chef stove. Available in sizes that can handle any challenge, you’ll be sure to find a Camp Chef Aluminum Pot that will fit your deep fry, boil, or steaming needs. Includes basket and basket removal hook. Camp Chef Aluminum pots are the perfect accessory for your Camp Chef stove.

Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove  They say big things come in small packages. The same holds true with the Camp Chef Everest Stove. The NEW Mountain Series Everest is the little stove that could. With two 20,000 BTU burners the Everest packs a serious amount of punch. Built in the same case as the rest of the Mountain Series stoves, the Everest is small, lightweight, and ready for any challenge thrown at it.

Camp Chef Propane Tree Camp Chef Propane Tree  The Camp Chef Propane Tree is a simple solution to the age old problem of having a lot of things that need to be connected to your propane tank but only having one propane tank. Connect the Camp Chef Propane Tree to your propane tank and then connect up to two stoves to the Propane Tree and a Camp Chef Mountain Series Lantern to the top to keep your camp illuminated.

Camp Chef EZ Turner Camp Chef EZ Turner  Grilling just got a whole lot easier with the NEW Camp Chef EZ Turner. The EZ Turner is that fastest tool at your grill flipping, moving, and carrying food in a flash. The tip of the EZ Turner is so sharp it doesn’t bleed or mark your meats. The EZ Turner is the one tool that will replace your tongs, forks, and spatulas.