New Products for Fall 2010

We are constantly on the lookout for new items that will help all of us cook a little better

These are the items that were recently added to our storefront.

Hot Water Pot Camp Chef Hot Water Pot The Hot Pot is made of steel with an enamel coating inside and out. The Hot Pot also includes a enamel coated lid and a spigot style valve for quick and easy dispensing. The Hot Pot is a perfect companion for Camping, Tailgating, Parties and for use on your backyard patio. Great for hot chocolate, washing dishes, food prep and hygiene needs.

Wirless Thermometer Wireless Thermometer Do you have a hard time measuring temperatures for your Dutch ovens and smokers? The new Camp Chef wireless thermometer takes the guess work out of cooking meat by letting you check your temperatures from up to 100 feet away.

Professional Chef Spatula Set Professional Chef Spatula Set Combining some simple elements, the professional spatula set simplifies the experience of cooking outdoors. This set contains both a deluxe pancake flipper and a heavy duty turner/scraper. The beveled edges and long blades get under your food much easier than a standard spatula. Also, blades made from a flexible stainless steel greatly extends the lifetime of these cooking essentials.

Camp Chef Grill Brush Camp Chef Grill Brush Heavy duty industrial grill brush for cleaning steel and cast iron grates. An essential accessory for grilling.

Dutch Oven Lid Lifters Dutch Oven Lid Lifter 9″ Dutch Oven Lid Lifter 14″ The Camp Chef Lid Lifter is the perfect aid in picking up your Dutch oven lid while you cook.