Left Over Lunch

We had some left overs in the fridge here at the office last week and decided to make good use of them by making lunch.

It wasn’t hard to decide what to make when we discovered potatoes, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, onions, peppers, and eggs.Breakfast tastes good any time of day and it was going to taste especially good for lunch on this particular day. We grabbed a Camp Chef Lumber Jack 20″ Skillet and went to work on our Camp Chef Big Gas Grill.


Skillet 1 Skillet 2
Skillet 3 Skillet 4
Skillet 5 Skillet 6

Bacon and sausage went in first, then potatoes, followed by peppers, then the mushrooms, and the eggs finished it off. Once everything was mixed together (this is a skillet after all), it didn’t look like much but it sure tasted good. This skillet was a feast for 6 people and was a nice surprise when lunch was looking like it was going to be peanut butter and jelly yet again.

Dig through the back of your fridge, you never know, you might find the fixings for a great meal… or just a bunch of stuff you probably should have thrown out weeks ago.

One thought on “Left Over Lunch”

  1. I think your recipe is awesome. Most weekends that we are camping together as a family, we do a big breakfast. We call it “who flung”. Basically it’s just what I read in your recipe. We add a little cheese right at the end. Everyone loves it. It’s a family tradition now. Love it. Cast iron and outdoor cooking is the best.

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