HyperSensory.com Reviews the Camp Chef Mountain Series Highlight Cree Lantern

Hypersensory Lantern Review

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HyperSensory.com recently posted a thorough and helpful review of our new Camp Chef Mountain Series Highlight Cree Lantern (Model# MSML).  This product has several uses as laid out by the reviewers.


From HyperSensory.com “In normal operation mode a super-white LED shines towards a convex reflective surface which disperses the light all 360 degrees around. This is a standard operating mode for the lantern as expected. However, with a turn of a knob on the side of the unit – the LED turns from pointing down into the upward position where it shines through a slightly mate clear plastic. This way, you can use the lantern as a flashlight for more directional light. Pretty clever solution, wouldn’t you say?” Read more…