Hunting as an Excuse to Explore

I don’t know about you, but one of the best parts of hunting is getting out and exploring some lightly trodden back country.

Standing on top of a mountain in the early morning offers some amazing views and fresh air.

Morning Sun Over The Mountains

View of the Valley

I have to admit, this year was very laid back. We borrowed a friends keys to his cabin and enjoyed the comforts of home after each days trek. A Camp Chef Pro90 provided a great facility for cooking up some classic breakfast using the Professional Fry Griddle (SG90) or a filling dinner of steak and potatoes with a grill box (BB90L)after a long day on the mountain.

Breakfast Time

While the elk were scarce this year (or at least scarce enough we didn’t see any) we still had a great time enjoying the great outdoors. Hunting is a great excuse to spend time in good company, eat what you really want to eat, and of course, explore.

Frozen Lake