How to Grill the Perfect Steak

Summer is officially here, so if  you haven’t been grilling and BBQing yet… you’re missing out. Here at we get asked all kinds of outdoor cooking questions, but the one we get asked the most is ‘how to cook a great steak’. It just so happens that our good friend Gary House over at has just put a video together explaining how he cooks a perfect steak. And the best part… he does it using one of our favorite Camp Chef stove/grills, the Big Gas Grill (model #SPG90B)

Check out Gary’s video as you gives you step by step instructions and shares some of his special, time tested methods to ensure your steaks turn out delicious!


One thought on “How to Grill the Perfect Steak”

  1. Great show. I love the temp sensor where can I find one of those? I am an outdoor writer and just recently started writing a cooking column and I will visit your site more for tips and techniques for my articles. I love the way cooking is always a learning experience and brings people together. Great stuff. Thanks.

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