Gourmet Camping with Campfire Brie

Cooke’s Frontier has come up with another great recipe to up your standard of food at the camp ground in the back woods or for enjoying the back patio. We hope you enjoy her process of having brie cheese and crackers with a bit of a camping flare.

By: Charley

This is the fifth post in a series on learning to cook outdoors in cast iron and with Dutch Ovens. I think it’s a vital skill to learn, and it’s fun, too. Thanks to Outdoor Cooking, again, for helping me out with gear and answering questions as I go along. I’m going to be brutally honest here, Outdoor Cooking supplied me with gear to use for these posts. However, all of my opinions about the products are honest and all my own. I never trade my opinion for money or products. Ever. Who’s ready to eat??!!


I LOVE camping and I LOVE campfire cooking but I don’t love the same old, same old when it come to campfire fare. So, I did a little thinking and came up with a new, “gourmet” dish for camping. Campfire brie is so simple to make and is ready in just a few minutes; you’re just melting cheese, after all. The best part? It bakes in tin foil so the clean up is oh, so simple!


When I bake brie at home, I cut away all of the rind: top, bottom and sides. To get a brie ready for a campfire, I leave the rind on the bottom and sides because it affords you a little wiggle room in case your fire gets too hot. Just slice off the rind from the top of the brie and pop it into a piece of tin foil. Next, you’ll place it in your cast iron pan. I used a 2 pound brie from Costco and my 10 inch Camp Chef cast iron pan.


Crimp the foil around the brie and set over your campfire, charcoal, or camp stove. Heat the brie gently, until the cheese is a mass of gooey goodness.


And that’s all there is to it! When the cheese is as melted as you like, it’s read to dip into. You could add to the brie and make it sweet or savory with the addition of cranberries, honey, brown sugar, or even nuts if you’d like.


Dip into your melt-y cheese with crackers, apple slices, pieces of bread or anything else that strikes your fancy. Brie is such a fun and unexpected camping food- everyone will be so surprised at your amazing campfire cooking skills! Be a campfire gourmet and make some brie on your next camping trip- it’s easy and so good!

What I learned:

Thinking outside of the box can have some seriously good results. With a little tweaking, everything you make at home can be made over an open fire and it usually tastes a million times better, too.

What I used:

10 inch Camp Chef skillet
Cast Iron Conditioner