Enjoy The Spring Weather. Go Camping

For those of us in the Northwestern states, it has been a wet couple of weeks. Rain can be a substantial blessing for outdoor lovers though. Especially right now.The weather has netted us some of the most beautiful scenic country this world has to offer. Everywhere you look greenery is all around. Wild mountain flowers offer up a natural sweetness begging us to be outdoors. The temperature is mild, offering up cool mornings with a light blanket of dew and warm afternoons perfect for fly fishing. These are the best months for camping and sleeping under the stars.

I spent my Father’s Day weekend up a local canyon that my family and I frequent. We enjoyed two morning hikes down a couple of quite trails near our campsite. The kids couldn’t help but yell out when they saw any wildlife. Teaching them to be quiet and move slowly so the animals wouldn’t run away was a fun experience. Plenty of birds, squirrels, and chipmunks plus one jackrabbit and a couple of garden snakes made for plenty of young wide eyes. 

Everyone was able to relax and eat some amazing food. Fruit kabobs on the grill was the favorite this year. Almost every kind of fruit I have tried has tasted excellent right off the grill. Pineapple is my personal favorite. Sprinkle a little brown sugar on some grilled pineapple and it is pure heaven. The dog apparently also enjoyed the treat as half of mine miraculously disappeared when I went to throw more wood on the fire.

Camping just wouldn’t be the same without the ever present cobbler. I am usually a peach or apple cobbler fan. But, at the request of my wife, I decided to cook up some cherry. It was a nice diversion to the regular with its sharper fruity flavor. I still prefer the apple and peach though. The kids seemed to simply appreciate the fact that there was sugar and ice cream available.

My advice to everyone is to get out and enjoy this beautiful time of year. Take the time before the crowds are out on the weekend of the 4th and enjoy the outdoors this weekend. Now, I will also be out on a mountain somewhere on Independence Day, but I have gotten at least one quiet weekend in to look back on. So, now I really can enjoy a nice group gathering for the holiday. Enjoy.