Emergency Preparedness Month

Ready America - Emergency Preparedness

September is National Preparedness Month. Having the ability to cook in an emergency is an important part of preparedness.

Now is the time to start planning what you’ll need in case of an emergency.

Mother Nature is always unpredictable and can without warning create havoc in our daily lives. We’ve all seen news footage of people struggling to cope with a natural disaster such as heavy winter storms, floods and earthquakes. Needless to say, it pays to be prepared for just such emergencies by having plenty of food water and medical supplies on hand.

One thing to think about once you have a sufficient food supply is how you are going to cook if there is no power or gas due to connection breaks. Having a portable cooking system such as a stove or lightweight oven can mean the difference between having a warm cooked meal and not.

Checkout the Ready America (www.ready.gov) website for tips and guides on how best to prepare your home and family. Also, be sure to take a look at our money saving packages below and the Emergency Preparedness section of our website for even more supplies.


Ready to Go! – Emergency Preparedness Packages

Camp Chef Explorer Emergency Kit Camp Chef Explorer Emergency KitThe Camp Chef Explorer Emergency Kit is the perfect set of tools to be able to cook and boil water during any emergency. With the Explorer Emergency Kit you’ll never be without a warm meal and clean water. The kit includes:
  • Camp Chef Explorer Double Burner Stove (Model: EX60LW)
  • Camp Chef Hot Water Pot (Model: HWP20)
  • Camp Chef SG30 Professional Griddle (Model: SG30)

Camp Chef Camp Oven Emergency Kit Camp Oven Emergency Kit

The Outdoor Camp Oven from Camp Chef is the perfect additional to your emergency kit or food storage. Packed away in the Outdoor Camp Oven Carry Bag, it’ll be ready to cook and bake all your favorite recipes when the convenience of your home kitchen isn’t available. Kit includes:

  • Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven (Model: C-OVEN)
  • Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven Carry Bag (Model: CBOVEN)
  • Camp Chef Bulk Tank Hose Adapter (Model: HRDSP)

Camp Chef Emergency Kit Camp Chef Emergency Kit

Natural disasters can happen at any time. With the Camp Chef Emergency Kit you’ll be ready to go at a moments notice. This kit was designed to be able hold your essential cooking items at the ready position so you and your loved ones will be prepared when disaster strikes. Kit includes:

  • Camp Chef Teton 2 Burner Stove (Model: MS2)
  • GSI Bugaboo Base Camper – Medium Size
  • Camp Chef Solstice lantern (Model: MSL2D)
  • 600 Denier Nylon Carry bag with carry strap