“Easy Bake” Camp Oven

Camp Oven

We may have nicknamed Camp Chef’s Camp Oven the “Easy Bake Oven” around the office but this little gem of an item is no joke.

Over the past few summers, we have sold literally thousands of Camp Ovens to our loyal customers as well our own family members and friends.

We are amazed at the feedback we receive from everyone about how versatile and convenient the Camp Oven is to use. We have people tell us they use their Camp Oven’s for simple weekend getaways, while RV’ing, day picnics, family reunions, scouting events, while hunting & fishing and especially during emergency situations when the power may be out. Everyone loves the compact design along with the combination of two powerful top burners and glass oven door. Here are a just a of few comments from some of our customers who have purchased a Camp Oven:

What people are saying about Camp Chef’s Camp Oven:

“I received this oven for xmas last year and was the best gift ever-while the coffees brewing in the morning-you have muffins or biscuits or cinnamon rolls baking-it cooks so evenly, golden brown and I haven’t burnt one thing and we have used it alot! I keep it spotless and some of our friends think I keep it just for looks-but it gets used everyday that we are out-whether in the mountains or at the river… Thank You Camp Chef you certainly made my job and cooking enjoyment alot easier!”

D. Walker (01/08/2010)


“This is a must have oven… I wish I had it when my power was out for a week. During that time is when I got to see this for the first time… It just like have a gas stove that doesn’t take up much space… I will be more prepared for the next power outage… Thank you for making this stove available and the tank adapter will be and added bonus.”

Evelyn (01/02/2010)


“Without a doubt this is the best purchase for outdoor cooking I have ever made. We have a fifth wheel and the stove/oven are seldom used. It cooks ever thing you can cook inside and your outside with the family and friends. I would recommend this camp oven to any rv’ers or patio cook outs.”

Larry (05/19/2009)